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  1. Writing Blog 2022. Finished the story "Storm of Souls".

    Writing Blog 2022. Finished the story "Storm of Souls".

    Hi all.
    Haven't written anything in a while. In general, there was almost nothing to write. This whole year was - you know what (don`t want to tell about it more things, all you know what happened). We will not discuss its details.

    I want to talk about my writing successes. This year, although I did
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  2. Night Moves, Part 1

    In was late summer, and as a break between the spring and fall semesters at college I was working as a bar-back at one of the local dance clubs.
    This particular club could host live bands and had a complex layout which gave it a certain reputation on the west side. I was not there for the money.
    I was there for the nightlife and the bonus paycheck that happened to be part of the experience. The nights were, for the most part, a carefree experience of
    wandering around the club, ...

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