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    Lol, I don't have a phone app, but do use a step counting watch worn on left hand, it doesn't record steps well if you're holding anything in that hand and therefore not swinging the arm. So I've got in the habit over a few years, of carrying everything with my right hand, which my physio now thinks is contributing to my right hip/leg being ed
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    lol, anyone deputizing their health to an app should suffer of neurotic disorder, as a form of punishment

    you all know that I am a convinced supporter of the dominance of mind over body, so.. sorry but gotta go now, my phone is reminding me to take my pills for schizophrenia!
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    New chapter is up

    - there we go again!
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    Yup I do actually have a small smoker made of cast iron, though I honestly don't use it much (chicken, pork ribs, beef brisket) .. beef brisket is just awesome, but it takes something like 20 hours to properly smoke it so it's a sort of "once per year" stuff

    You should try to cook on a wood oven anyways, food comes out with a fantastic taste usually, especially in the kind of oven where you have the fire and the food in the same chamber (because of the taste and smell smoke will give to the food).
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    Yeah the cast iron thing would make a good 'smoker' depending on quite how smokey and covered in ash you like things, but other than that nooooo

    I did for a while own a 1700's house that had a bread oven a bit like but never tried cooking in it.
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    completely rubbish to actually try to cook anything in
    it's cast iron... the only real oven is the one made with refractory bricks, you can cook everything in there; in my oven we had "Porchetta" (not the full pork because it's too big, just the belly), real unsalted bread, plenty of baked pasta, one lamb every once in a while ... and I think in total I roasted like 22 or 23 tons of potatoes in it

    Spoiler for a pic of it

    it's integrated on a wall on my warehouse, covered by a wooden roof; it's pretty much professional, made by a very good friend of mine who's a mason with 25 years of experience, it costed me like 1600 € ... and keep in mind he's a good friend, eh

    Those movable ovens/grills are nice pieces of furniture and little more I believe
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    We bought an outdoor 'pizza oven' :

    it's lovely to sit round and watch the wood fire - completely rubbish to actually try to cook anything in
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    We want to see the results mate! Pictures are mandatory
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    Interesting read, and beautiful pictures! I've been meaning to make my own pizza from scratch at some point (only thing is I don't have the proper oven, but electric will do I guess..), maybe it's finally time!
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    I like to think that we're all your grandchildren, Gig. Now, about that Ferrari...
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    Gig, you rascal, you! That story is excellent in every way!
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    I've just posted the new chapter, A nightmare made of Pizza