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    Honestly just like it happened with the LotR movies I ended up digesting those "main" changes that I really disliked at the very beginning.. it took me a while actually, but after a while and few re-watchs of the movies, I managed to live with them.. sure in the case of the Hobbit they are more commercial-wise than plot-wise (contrary to what happened with the LotR movies), but you know what? if you have to change the plot, change it for good.. after all the main character of the Hobbit is Bilbo (hey, I'm a genius am I not?) and his character sticks pretty much with the original idea created by Tolkien, IMO.
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    I think I'm gonna sue them

    Well I suppose that if one does not have any parmigiano cheese, putting some milk in the sauce can work as a surrogate .. but well I can ensure you that no traditional "bolognese" sauce has milk in it
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    Lol, I did use the milk in the end, and it actually tasted OK!

    looked at various recipes including this one
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    Quote Originally Posted by makanyane
    Thanks for the pic Flinn! looks yummy - not trying that yet but am doing a slow cooked Ragu tonight - do you put milk in yours? It seems odd to me to have milk in a tomato/meat based sauce... but the 'traditional' recipes seem to have it
    erm milk, that's definitely a "no" from me

    where did you get that recipe from?