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  1. The Dude's thoughts: "you have to be strong!"

    Spoiler for warning, very long image!

    People that know me well, even here at TWC, know that I'm a strong character, in the most positive (I hope) sense of the term; I've been helping people in the Personal Help and Advice section of TWC for years, and I know that many of them have benefited from our interactions, while I also know that some others haven't. Why so? I mean, of course each single case is different, but I noticed that even with cases which one can call very similar, ...

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  2. I don`t like the cancellation of russian culture, and can`t support the CA

    I don`t like the cancellation of russian culture,
    and can`t support the CA

    This article i have posted in Moddb and in Imperial forums. But here i am doing it too, but with some changes. (no copypast)

    Hello all!
    I think, many of you know me a lot of years.
    My real name is Alex.

    I am half-russian, half-ukrainian, I have been a member of the Union of Russian Writers since 2021, a participant in speeches (at one time) at the Central ...
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  3. The Dude's thoughts: it still pains, part 2

    It's almost one year since he died, and I can't still get past this ... I'm not really used to such emotions, if anything I'm the kind of man that others would address as an example of being a strong character, but this time I simply can't come to terms with the feelings I'm having. I dunno, my strength comes from the fact that I can accept life for what it is, I've lost much along the way so far, ...

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  4. Merry Christmas TWC

    Per the title. I wanted to ramble for just a minute. Please, take a seat.

    In ~5 days I am 'entering the service'... I'll be the guy watching your phones. No really, I'm going to be doing computer infrastructure stuff. Sparing the technical bits, it means I'll be going from a relatively boring existence mostly defined by side gigs and retail into something a little more structured and skills relevant, and a future to build from. I think it will be a good thing for me; those who know ...
  5. Good morning/death

    Good morning.

    Last night I dreamed that my mother was very sick, suffering a lot, between tears asking me to let her die.

    My mother died a few months ago from complications of an incurable cancer after months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She, admitted to the hospital, suffering a lot and aware that she was going to die, asked us to let her die. The penultimate night some asked her to fight more and she continued to suffer. We agreed that on her last night they ...