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  1. The Tale of the Week Blog - TotW 240

    I feel I've been remiss. I realize that I told you about the hidden valley of the TotW, but gave you no map. Well, I must now stop being lazy and draw the map, but while I do that, here is how you can find the valley. If you find it, I'll see you there, and if not, come back here for the map.

    Directions to the valley:
    - Once you pack and enter into the vast lands of TWC forums, traverse a bit.
    - You'll then come across the Creative Realm.
    - There lies three paths. ...
  2. Tag Team Tournament Day 2 (7-11-2015)

    Hello again everybody, turn 2 arrived at my doorstep last night after quite a long day. Following copious amounts of coffee I played my turn, realizing that, yes, this is going to be exactly as hard as I imagined it would be! Nothing to report really from the other games and players, not much has happened as of turn 2 or at least has not been posted about, stay tuned for some soon-to-be exciting news of slaughter and lethal tactics!

    - Frosty
  3. Tag Team Tournament Day 1 (7-9-2015)

    Hello there readers and hotseaters! I have decided to begin a blog about the 2nd Westeros Tag-Team Tournament in which myself and Blue1924 are partners and the future winners (playing Houses Mudd and Lannister respectively.) This is a tournament using the Kings of Rivers and Hills submod by Dux and his team of extraordinary ...
  4. Everything writing

    In my years here on Total War Center, I have done a lot of writing. In game reviews alone I have done at least twenty five reviews, a good chunk of them being from my favorite franchise, Assassins Creed. I also have a further twenty two reviews of movies and TV shows in the Arts section, though some of those reviews are substantially lesser in quality compared to later ones. And if that was not enough I have two long stories and three or four short stories in the Creative Writing section of the ...

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  5. The Tale of the Week Blog - TotW 239

    Ah, the epic competition that is the Tale of the Week. It is a competition where all writers gather to test their skills against one another. And as a series, I'll be bringing you the winning entries for each and every Tale of the Week storyboard.

    The first one to start off with is #239 - In Search of a Worthy Foe! And what a competition it was. The first vote went ...

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