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  1. Writers’ Study Yearly Awards- Vote Time!!!

    by , February 13, 2016 at 04:08 AM (The Official (and Unofficial) Writer's Study Blog)
    How’s it going TWC?

    The WS Yearly Awards have been in the vote phase for just over a week now which means there is only another week to go until we must close the voting stations, examine the votes and declare a winner. LINK! We have a wide range of categories but don’t feel daunted by them, you can vote for which ones and how many you want to place your votes in. LINK! This means a lot to all the writers competing as well as those behind so please spare some time to vote. You might ...
  2. Monthly Graphics Competition #222 is now open for vote!!!

    Good day TWC fellows!!!!

    The Monthly Graphics Competition #222 is now closed for submissions but is open for vote until the 12th of February.
    There are 4 great quality submissions:


    Submission 1

    Submission 2


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  3. MAARC LXII Winners!!!

    by , January 29, 2016 at 04:34 AM (The Official (and Unofficial) Writer's Study Blog)

    Congratulations to the winners!

    MAARC LXII was nearly wiped from existence completely, it nearly became but a memory of a memory, a whisper of the past, a faceless old friend. But alas, with the power of screen grabbing technologies, one of our team most miraculously and diligently managed to capture the end vote. I’ll post the screenshots in an accompanying post
  4. Forum based games on TWC? An Introduction...

    Yeah, I am sure you're probably confused by the above title, so a little explanation is due. I mean this would not be a place where you'd expect something like this to be. But surprisingly, there is a forum based role-playing games section right here, on TWC. But what is this forum-based or play-by-post role-playing?

    It is similar to playing a video game of the role-playing or adventure genre, but on a forum. And yes, I assure you that it is a fairly known genre in itself. As ...

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  5. Mhae's Causerie

    Busses are strange things (whimsical first sentence to get the readers interests peaked; check).

    It seems to me that every time I get onto a bus the gods throw a coin on whether to make me fall in love with someone, very briefly, but still. It only takes a glance that, in my imagination, lasts a little too long, or someone sitting down next to me, even though there are free seats, though to be honest many of them are next to people I wouldn't like to be sitting next to either. Glance-girl ...