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  1. King Athelstan's Avatar
    I'm super happy to see all the progress! I remember you talking about doing this years ago, and now it's coming to fru(u)ition!

    How much would it be for a bottle or two shipped to Norway when the time comes?
  2. makanyane's Avatar
    Thanks anyway.

    Is that a monumental graveyard on the background?
    Yup, that one example of the hut was in a public park with a graveyard behind, the ones we saw in fields were when we were passing on the train or bus and we didn't get photos.

    The monumental graveyards were very impressive, we saw a few that looked like small towns from a distance!
  3. Flinn's Avatar
    Hello mak, I'm sorry but I'm not really a historian

    If I am to guess I can assume that they could have been storage huts, especially for olives (which need to "rest" for few days before being squeezed into oil), but it's wild guessing on my side. Is that a monumental graveyard on the background?
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    This isn't 100% winemaking related but wondered if you knew the use and history of these;

    We've just been to Puglia region, and these dry stone huts seem to be everywhere in amongst vines and olive groves. Search online shows that they are a traditional thing for the area, but not what exactly they're used for, I assume they must still be used otherwise people would have reclaimed the stone? Specifically we were curious why the formation of that large flat step around the base...
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    "dynamic it offered nonetheless. Interlinking characters and family. I started to consider the wives, the children, the agents. Occasionally, the soldiers. I'd obsessively zoom into battles just to see how Bob the mailed knight was doing and go 'aw' when he was wiped out. "So, who did Bob know and what does this mean..." It got very weird. But I had fun, god dammit, and while I've detached from the series lately, I still can."

    For sure, it was always sad when my favourite guy in M2TW got wiped out after playing RTW the clone wars.
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  7. Flinn's Avatar
    I'd say that a "take it easy and relax, dude!" is in order, here
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    You've somewhat made my point Flinn - despite diversity in subject being desirable - that there's certainly a lack of diversity in writers. I didn't really note the latter bit, but it does play into the equation. And again, I take no issue with what is there, but I can only comment regarding what is there, not what is coming Soon™ with no promises of when, what, or who, particularly when the concept of a stream of new stuff to invalidate my point was not made privy to me beforehand. If I waited for every instance where maybe somebody would someday do something or something else (heck, like myself), I'd simply fall into the all too common pitfall of waiting forever more than not. I'd have thought that note of things as they stand and a will to diversify despite that would garner some hex level agreement rather than be taken as idle complaint. But I suppose there's little to be done. The prerogative of a blog is a slightly selfish 'meh, carry on'.

    Makes me curious how a blog on TWC matters from me would turn out. I imagine quite controversial.
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    lol nice blog, and nice bait

    I pretty much share your feelings about Medieval 1 and Rome 1, I remember in particular that Med's music was mesmerizing, but I never really went into roleplaying, though.

    ps. wait for the next series of my blogs to come out, before starting to complain
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    Just to mention, this is grapes' harvest period, next blog I'll probably post some (or many, depending on the mood) pictures of this year's harvest and first days of works in the cellar
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  12. Flinn's Avatar
    Do you think you could find somewhere better to be? Somewhere where you could do more good or do something that matters?
    is this rhetoric?

    Suki, you are most probably living in an Anglo-Saxon country.. imagine what nightmare could be in Italy
  13. Love Mountain's Avatar
    I really feel you on this Flinn, having worked and working in government myself. It can be slow, ponderous, and at times, just plain stupid. Having said that, I always enjoyed helping people and despite the, occasionally, meaningless nature of my work, I felt like what I did mattered. Sometimes that was for the worse, but a lot of the time, I felt I helped the world be just a tiny bit better. Do you think you could find somewhere better to be? Somewhere where you could do more good or do something that matters?