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  1. Game realizations of my fantasy universe. Information.

    Hello all. Its again me, A.Krokhmal.
    Now want to tell you about the realizations of my fantasy\sci-fi universe in the game engines.
    If you wanna see the information about my universe, click here and you can find the 1st my blog post.

    Now lets go!

    I. Warcraft III realization
  2. History of my fantasy universe. Krokhmals Writers Blog 1

    Good day all.

    At first, want to name myself. My name is A.K.Krokhmal. Official proffession - is writer. Working with this job since the young ages. (i`m 27 now, and gray hair is already flashing)

    I started to write in the age of my childhood. I have 2 published books and many stories in russian journals (or internet-communities). First my book "Legend of the ...

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