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  1. Forum based games on TWC? An Introduction...

    Yeah, I am sure you're probably confused by the above title, so a little explanation is due. I mean this would not be a place where you'd expect something like this to be. But surprisingly, there is a forum based role-playing games section right here, on TWC. But what is this forum-based or play-by-post role-playing?

    It is similar to playing a video game of the role-playing or adventure genre, but on a forum. And yes, I assure you that it is a fairly known genre in itself. As ...

    Updated January 16, 2016 at 01:38 AM by m_1512

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  2. The Tale of the Week Blog - TotW 240

    I feel I've been remiss. I realize that I told you about the hidden valley of the TotW, but gave you no map. Well, I must now stop being lazy and draw the map, but while I do that, here is how you can find the valley. If you find it, I'll see you there, and if not, come back here for the map.

    Directions to the valley:
    - Once you pack and enter into the vast lands of TWC forums, traverse a bit.
    - You'll then come across the Creative Realm.
    - There lies three paths. ...
  3. The Tale of the Week Blog - TotW 239

    Ah, the epic competition that is the Tale of the Week. It is a competition where all writers gather to test their skills against one another. And as a series, I'll be bringing you the winning entries for each and every Tale of the Week storyboard.

    The first one to start off with is #239 - In Search of a Worthy Foe! And what a competition it was. The first vote went ...

    Updated July 06, 2015 at 03:52 AM by Finlander

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