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    Well entering Champions is a great achievement, though of course it's also a big commitment; once you do that quality step, you have to do it well, or you risk being squashed by the overwhelming pressure you get from that competition (not to mention the money that will cost you to remain there, not a case that we see the same few teams hitting the final stages of the League every year )
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    Oh, and another note: We are actually fun to watch now, so if you like seeing entertaining games, West Ham is certainly not a bad shout.
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    Well this is certainly a unique season, isn't it? I'm sure next year you'll be down again to fourth from bottom!
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    Hahaha, aye, it's very different. There were crowds for one game in London (2000), and now they're gone again. When I watch I try to watch without the fake crowd noise though! You get the hear the players curse and yell, which makes for a wholly different experience that is somewhat enjoyable at least!
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    Damn, I can't really stand football this year, I haven't followed it at all

    I just tired to watch a couple of Champions' matches (Barcelona-Juventus for one) but man without the public it was like watching local football.. no wait it was even worse, at the least when you watch a match locally you hear old people swearing in dialect

    Anyways, go Hammers, GO!
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    Speaking of Italy, what do you think of Paolo Di Canio? He's a bit of a legend here, but his reputation is somewhat tarnished due to certain political views...
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    West Ham is a club that constantly gives you hope, constantly fills you with ambition and the promise of greatness. Then it constantly lets you down, constantly fails you and every low feels so low. But without the lows the highs wouldn't be as high.
    there are 2 or 3 teams in Italy which do the same every year.. not everybody can be the number one, so someone else has to live with having smaller goals and have to be happy with them This. This is why I'm a Hammer. This is why football matters. This is why I care
    I always considered football to be a good metaphor of life, even more of war.. while that's technically true for any team sport, it is probably even more true with football, because of popularity and long tradition.. and I perfectly got your sentiments.. every time I see videos of Del Piero I get emotional.. even if he's older than me I followed all his career and I still love his spirit and the way he plays football.
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    See! That's what this is all about!
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    Well, yesterday I wanted to do something useful for humanity, but after reading this I ended up doing absolutely nothing:laughter:
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    When you're done, comment what you're supposed to do rather than read here. Then, go do it, and comment back when you've done it.
    This is obviously not going to work, if I wanted to stop procrastinating I wouldn't be reading this in the first place!

    I'm actually slightly better at not procrastinating than I was in the past. I tend to procrastinate more if the 'thing' is important! So previously I'd be worse on > college degree exam/submission deadlines > work deadlines > self employed tax returns... Now I'm not doing anything 'important' I'm not so bad!
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    I feel attacked!

    In a way proctasinating is unhealthy but also healthy. Sometimes it can matter for your mental health, giving you a reason to procrastinate but other times it is detrimental. Most often it seems detrimental. :P
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    Haha, fair point
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    I'm seasoned, please

    Yes I know what you mean about business, and I can agree with you for a wide extent, though believe me.. business is always evil, and modern time gaming companies are not much worse than those of 20 years ago (some are still the same, with same policies, for instance).
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    There's a thing about procrastinating.. age will either cure you, or will turn you into a even worse procrastinator

    It really depends on what life has to submit to you.. as for me I was a huge procrastinator when I was at the Uni and before I started to work.. then when you got to respect deadlines that will make you starve if you won't, things might change.. I say might because not everybody considers the chance to die of starvation to be worse than actually having to do something... so even if most of the people will learn the lesson and move on, someone will really prefer to "fail" than to actually have to commit.. in other words, you don't have to worry much right now, the time will finish and you'll have to turn that page one day.. or not.. either case, just it and let's go bowling, Dude.
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    Please do so, anything to keep me occupied
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    I'mma have to file a cease&desist for your exposure of my patented project handling procedure.
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    Hahaha, the good olde "Back in my day" - you really are getting old Flinn

    It's however not the games per say that the majority of the criticism goes to, it's the business.
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    to be honest I thought you were actually going to buy it!

    I haven't played any FIFA in my life, only PES and I think the last one I played was like PES 2012, but you know I'm much older than you, and when I started to play those games there was only "Winning Eleven" which you could play in awful quality on PC with an incredibly complex and ever-broken "console simulator".

    Now that you made me think of it, I believe that the very first football game I played was like 33 years ago, at the time the only Consoles you could find where coming straightly from Japan and a friend of mine had one since his father was going there for work.. apart for the madness of connecting both the power supply and the TV (and it was like an already 30 years old TV! ) the only game we had was Captain Tsubasa (know in Italy as Holly & Benji), all in Japanese.. it was more an RPG than an actual sport game (you had to choose options written in Japanese).. ahh the good old times, you younger lads should really know what videogaming was back at the time, I'm sure won't complain about EA today
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Athelstan
    And looking forward to seeing the release Flinn, I presume I'll get a % of the company?
    you'll get the royalties on the original idea, sure.. now I need investors, anyone interested?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turk
    This is the finest description summary of modern times I've ever seen.
    Haha, I guess it can be applied to a great deal of things

    Quote Originally Posted by Turk
    I agree with Flinn, it's a very enjoyable blog, your writing style flows rather nicely KA.
    Many thanks

    And looking forward to seeing the release Flinn, I presume I'll get a % of the company?
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