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    Quote Originally Posted by Aexodus
    That was a great insight Colt, one question, how did you type all this out with just your paws? Very impressive
    Silly hoo-man. Can you run faster than a physically superior canine? I thought not. I suggest you watch this and learn. Woof!
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    Clickity-clack clickity-clack!
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    That was a great insight Colt, one question, how did you type all this out with just your paws? Very impressive
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    Those are beauties, cant wait to see the other 2, Logans eyes! they are mesmerising, they remind me of white walkers eyes.
    Lovely blog, well done.
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    Glad you guys liked. That is 2 of my 4 dogs. Colt is 7 years old and a purebred, Logan is 2 years old and obviously mixed. They love chasing the ATVs and running around the woods and the creek. Its pretty much a daily thing.
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    This is really great haha.
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    A rather refreshing post well punctuated with bits of humor and featuring my favorite animal to boot! Great post
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    I've never heard of a strawbale house. lol Taking that out of the equation the place sounds perfect, as you said it exceeds all your requirements. I know you will do your homework on the straw bale walls and if the pro's out weigh the cons I say go for it. I would def find someone that has a bit of experience to inspect it before I pulled the trigger. A quick google search and I found this link below.


    Just a quick read and it seems the biggest thing to check for before buying and if you do buy it, in the future is avoid any and all moisture from getting into the straw. You mentioned 5 ft. snow falls in that area....That would have me a bit concerned about the moisture issue. Good luck and please keep us updated. I subscribed.... :)
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    Hopefully a big bad wolf doesn't come around and blow the house down :surprise:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Junaidi83 de Bodemloze
    Since its made from straw, that mean its will easy to catch fire isnt ???
    That was the first thing I said too, but apparently not.
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    Since its made from straw, that mean its will easy to catch fire isnt ???
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    If you are not under time pressure then this is worth following up on. Even more so if it is in a good maintenance shape (20 years can play havoc if you don't pay attention).

    Running a little gas heater to warm the whole house? Getting money back from the electricity guys? Not that I know anything about heating costs where I live (it's also 30degrees but that's Celsius), but if I could just open a little fridge and cool the whole house AND get money back I would certainly be on the straw bale trail and check out stuff.
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    That guy in the black Tshirt probably thinks you are stalking on him!
    Seriously, cell phones are good for the moment on the spot close up pictures and selfies. The camera is really the way to go. I take horrible cell phone pictures compare to a camera. It is just a pain carrying it around. Ironically, I do tend to take more pictures with a camera.
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    So if I understand this correctly, all we have to do in order to get the Mudpit removed is do some charitable work? Count me in!
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    "[COLOR=#3B1010]We are taking a roadtrip in the States this year"
    Really? Well if you happen to drive through Pittsburgh, be sure to send me a PM. I would love to meet you, perhaps show you around :D[/COLOR]
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    [QUOTE]I am so pissed I cannot see straight. Its not like I don't have better things to do than run around printing hundreds of pieces of paper for the IRS and then sending it in via FAX machine. I don't even own a FAX machine anymore. Who the hell uses FAX machines? [/QUOTE]

    Governments are decades slow except when election year. Same with my government and same with yours I believe. Sorry not helping much since I'm pissed off at my government at this time, and I guess I'm pissed of at your government too. :wallbash:
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    [QUOTE][COLOR=#3E3427]A thought: Couldn't you use another pay service to spread the number of transactions? After all, if you ever wanted to raise income for an upgrade, we wouldn't want you to get "ding" again.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE][COLOR=#3E3427]You can always sue in the US[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

    GED, please disregard this advice. The best way of dealing with an audit is, in fact, [I]not [/I]to try to do a better job of hiding income. And you can't always sue the government because of Sovereign Immunity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loose Cannon
    I couldn't put this on your other blog post (too many characters?)

    What kind of ing dumbass accountant allowed you to file as a Sole Proprietor? LIMITED LIABILITY CORPORATION The costs are minimal and you have some measure of protection from the average lawsuit happy fellow 'Merican. See yesterday's ruling on GM's bankruptcy for an example.

    Every business I've owned since 83 has been incorporated.
    I just haven't bothered with it yet. Everything else I do is an LLC.
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    Sad too see that fiscal is crap everywhere.

    Doesn't becoming an LLC impose certain restrictions?
    Updated April 16, 2015 at 12:00 PM by Sir Adrian
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    Why wouldn't you have filed as an LLC a long time ago?
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