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    A brilliant read, I found it very interesting, thanks for the writeup! I hope to go camping one day (and be decent at it too)
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    So, I managed to find two pictures that can visually explain what I mean.

    First one (tent and kitchen) shows the sleeping tent (the old military model), placed just outside of the coverage of the branches and the kitchen/storage gazebo, which in turn is well below the branches. You can as well see the fire extinguisher.

    Second one (washbasin) shows what we did last time (these stuff made of wood doesn't last long in winter and also boars tend to destroy them, so every 2-3 years we need to make a new one). It's easy to assemble it, you need some straight poles, a board and some long nails and that's all. Notice how much water we have stored. If you wonder, that three is an hazelnut (pretty rare in my area!)
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    This one is a rather long chapter, but I suggest you to read it since there's a lot about the most important elements of wild camping

    Also, have a look at the picture above: that place (Campo Pocchio... Pocchio is the name of a legendary sprite, one day I'll maybe tell you how he ended up mixed in our history.. maybe ) is where we have camped the most during the last 25 years or so and I'd like to show it to you as it really represents the perfect prototype of a mountain/woods camp, because a) it's built on the edge of a moat (you can see the moat's line on the trees, left side of the picture) and b) it's on a relatively small but still perfect open space out of the tick wood. Also, on the right side of the picture you can see the the fireplace and the small oven on its left, as shown on the header picture of Chapter 1.
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    Ay we have woods but nothing over here feels as old as the European stuff. We burned all the native american history when we got here so all our "historical woods" are from like, the 1800's. Which is.... sort of cool I guess? All the cool spots in America are either were we killed a bunch of Indians, a bunch of Brits, or a bunch of Southerners.

    I'm not a catholic but if they pay for my Hajj to Rome I think I'd sign up for a few auditing sessions.
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    mmm I guess you have woods in the US as well, no ?

    actually the tree you see on that pic is a famous one, which is said to be there since more than 800 years .. it's a beech tree which is connected to Saint Francis (San Francesco) life.. so if you are catholic now you have an excuse to come and see it
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    That's a super cool looking tree!

    How can I, as an American who lives in the city, camp out in the Italian woods without having to fly to Italy?

    any advice is appreciated
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    Dudes, there's so much to write about...!

    As usual, if you have any question, just ask!
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    Man, are you wild camping right now?? !

    Chapter 2 - The basics is now up!
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    Sadly I cannot even see any pictures in the blog due to my location at the moment :P I wouldn't be of much help there mate, sorry
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    Yes I'll be working on the next chapters soon, now I'm busy with setting up the yearly awards (member and modding) and I've a plan to make a return to the Helios with a new article, so I'll have to find the time for blogging

    However, I'm up to need some talented artists to help me drawing some stuff for this blog, are you coming close to Rome by any chance?
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    Thank you very much, and I am also happy to be here! I haven't been able to pop in to say hi much these days, haha.

    I tend to have a somewhat long walks in the nature, I blame Lord of the Rings and all other adventure stuff that make me feel like I am part of an epic journey into the lands unknown. :D

    I look forward to more updates from you!
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    Daddy! I'm glad to see you commenting my friend!

    Yes definitely the best part about wild camping is the intellectual challenge one has to face when organizing it, along of course with enjoying wilderness that is invaluable, if you like similar stuff.

    I'm personally not very fond of long walks, but I've some experience with that as well, especially when it comes to staying away form the main camp for some hours, I'll talk about that and other technicalities in the next chapters
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    hello mak, thanks for commenting

    yes I pretty much know of cases of people who wait for ages for the "loved" person, even in desperate cases.. I'm not sure I can call that love, I won't personally, at the best it's a never ending crush.. I don't doubt that the feelings that he has are of love, but what I actually meant with my blog is that he cannot possibly be in love with her if she does not reciprocate him, this because true love has to withstand many challenges that can only be faced once the sentiment is reciprocal (and hence lived and experienced).

    I feel for him though, and I really hope he could find his love anytime soon!
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    Wild camping :luv: I also concur with the intellectual challenge of organizing the trip in advance. the preparation phase is particularly interesting if you are going to hike the nature path as well, in which case, you are not only choosing the items that you need but also what you are able to carry with you. It really makes you ponder the decisions and rethink twice the things you initially was going to take with you to the wild.
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    Interesting post, thanks, and I mostly agree with what you've said, but I think there is also such a thing as 'unrequited love'

    in other words I don't think one can actually fall in love with someone else if there's no reciprocation
    I'm disagreeing with that because of having seen one of our friends who is patently 'in love' with one of our other friends, despite no reciprocation at all, sadly for at least 20 years, possibly 30! (during that time she's being married to someone else, had two children, divorced and had other partners)

    That might be a very, very, long range crush... and if she did ever say 'yes' the whole thing might still fail, but I'm fairly sure he is 'in love' with her and 'loves' her
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    Lol Mhae, my brother, as I said to King Athelstan in a previous chapter, if you want to taste my wine, you ought to come to visit me.. that's the cons of producing bio wine, it's never good for being shipped around the world

    however, there would be much more to add about the technicalities of making wine, though I know they will result a boring argument to follow.. heck making wine is about smells, tastes and feelings, but unfortunately this is something I cannot show you well in a blog
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    This series is inspiring and fascinating, thanks for the glimpses into winemaking, even if I would prefer a taste rather than a glimpse!
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    Actually, this has been pending as a draft for quite a while.. I've been busy with posting about wine making and such, but it's now time to introduce you to my second hobby, wild camping

    There's quite a lot I can tell and teach about wild camping (and camping in general), and I'll do that in the next chapters, but if you have any question, feel free to ask it anytime!
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