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    Lol Mhae, my brother, as I said to King Athelstan in a previous chapter, if you want to taste my wine, you ought to come to visit me.. that's the cons of producing bio wine, it's never good for being shipped around the world

    however, there would be much more to add about the technicalities of making wine, though I know they will result a boring argument to follow.. heck making wine is about smells, tastes and feelings, but unfortunately this is something I cannot show you well in a blog
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    This series is inspiring and fascinating, thanks for the glimpses into winemaking, even if I would prefer a taste rather than a glimpse!
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    Actually, this has been pending as a draft for quite a while.. I've been busy with posting about wine making and such, but it's now time to introduce you to my second hobby, wild camping

    There's quite a lot I can tell and teach about wild camping (and camping in general), and I'll do that in the next chapters, but if you have any question, feel free to ask it anytime!
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    @ mak, I see, I was asking because maybe they could have been graves, I mean the huts, but once again I'm not really the right person to answer you I had a check online and I gathered that the tradition of building stone huts is very old, and that possibly they were used for various different purposes, so I really don't have a better clue

    @ KA, thanks bro, indeed it's an important part of my life, soon I'll post a new blog about the actual process of wine making.
    And I'm afraid that shipping a bottle to anywhere isn't an option, it being a biological wine with no sulfites means that moving it around "too far" will certainly ruin the taste and the quality of the wine... you have to come to visit me mate, I'm waiting for you in my barbecue area, just inside my vineyard
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    I'm super happy to see all the progress! I remember you talking about doing this years ago, and now it's coming to fru(u)ition!

    How much would it be for a bottle or two shipped to Norway when the time comes?
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    Thanks anyway.

    Is that a monumental graveyard on the background?
    Yup, that one example of the hut was in a public park with a graveyard behind, the ones we saw in fields were when we were passing on the train or bus and we didn't get photos.

    The monumental graveyards were very impressive, we saw a few that looked like small towns from a distance!
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    Hello mak, I'm sorry but I'm not really a historian

    If I am to guess I can assume that they could have been storage huts, especially for olives (which need to "rest" for few days before being squeezed into oil), but it's wild guessing on my side. Is that a monumental graveyard on the background?
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    This isn't 100% winemaking related but wondered if you knew the use and history of these;

    We've just been to Puglia region, and these dry stone huts seem to be everywhere in amongst vines and olive groves. Search online shows that they are a traditional thing for the area, but not what exactly they're used for, I assume they must still be used otherwise people would have reclaimed the stone? Specifically we were curious why the formation of that large flat step around the base...
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    Just to mention, this is grapes' harvest period, next blog I'll probably post some (or many, depending on the mood) pictures of this year's harvest and first days of works in the cellar
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    Do you think you could find somewhere better to be? Somewhere where you could do more good or do something that matters?
    is this rhetoric?

    Suki, you are most probably living in an Anglo-Saxon country.. imagine what nightmare could be in Italy
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    I really feel you on this Flinn, having worked and working in government myself. It can be slow, ponderous, and at times, just plain stupid. Having said that, I always enjoyed helping people and despite the, occasionally, meaningless nature of my work, I felt like what I did mattered. Sometimes that was for the worse, but a lot of the time, I felt I helped the world be just a tiny bit better. Do you think you could find somewhere better to be? Somewhere where you could do more good or do something that matters?
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    it's always a pain
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    State bureaucracy sometimes can be a pain to deal with...
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    Part 5 has been posted a bit in advance compared to the other chapters; I was unsure, as I say on the blog itself, if to post or not this part, but once I decided to do so, I had to post it shortly after Chapter 4, this because the arguments discussed in the two chapters go together, IMO.

    I won't say enjoy the reading, because there's nothing to enjoy, about bureaucracy..
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    I've just posted Part 5 - The Ugly Beast.
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    I've just posted Chapter 4 - The Grim Reality.
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