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  1. The Lensation - An Update

    Hello all!

    I realize it's been more than 3 weeks since the last post. Just wanted to let you all know I plan on continuing this, it's just that a set of unforeseen circumstances resulted in me not spending as much time on TWC as I would have liked in the past few weeks.

    The aim is to get the next post up by this weekend, though I make no promises! Expect some slight changes to the formatting, though.

  2. The Lensation - Issue 2

    Welcome back to this week's edition of The Lensation. It's time for what you've all been waiting for: The Weekly Wrap-up! The blog should more or less follow such a format for future editions, with the weekly commentary followed by a short interview with one of the POTW community members. This week's commentary will be focusing on GPOTW 109 and POTW 550, of which the latter has an amazing ...

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    TWC Picture Competitions Commentary
  3. The Lensation - Issue 1

    Free image from - License

    Hello, one and all!

    Welcome to the Lensation (name inspired from the words "Lens" and "Sensation"), my unofficial blog covering the weekly picture competitions (Game Picture of the Week/Picture of the Week/Unedited Screenshot of the Week), in which I aim to provide a set of commentary each week as the polls go up. If

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    TWC Picture Competitions Commentary
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