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  1. Swaeft's Avatar
    Aha, I'm still using Windows 7! Great tips, though, definitely people out there who will benefit from this (and your previous entries).
  2. ♔Greek Strategos♔'s Avatar
    If we're talking about graphics drivers in general, then it's a bit of double-edged choice, since both ATI's and NVIDIA's latest drivers are usually not the safest bet for system stability and FPS.
    Plus the small decrease in performance to justify the purchase of a new GPU [IMG][/IMG]But if only Intel's dedicated cards are our subject then...who uses dedicated cards anyway? [IMG][/IMG]
    Updated March 17, 2019 at 01:50 PM by ♔Greek Strategos♔
  3. ♔Greek Strategos♔'s Avatar
    Yeap, already mouse went crazy during gaming, so I searched it and this update was the culprit.
  4. makanyane's Avatar
    The beer's are talking to you! Are you attempting 'Dry January'?
  5. ♔Greek Strategos♔'s Avatar
    The most important thing is that you probably had a good time :laughter:
  6. ♔Old Dragoon♔'s Avatar
    Gigantus caught on surveillance video...

  7. Gigantus's Avatar
    It's part of my long years of shopping experiences.
  8. paleologos's Avatar
    Just saw this man, indeed priceless, but one can't help wonder whether you really thought all this up....:hmm:...just to post something funny.
  9. Lifthrasir's Avatar

    Makes me remember a friend of mine who has 2 kids. But his wife says she's actually got 3 each time she goes shopping.

  10. Navajo Joe's Avatar
    Priceless, LOL
  11. ♔atthias♔'s Avatar
  12. Aikanár's Avatar
    :laughter: a jolly good laugh, Gig :thumbsup2
  13. Shankbot de Bodemloze's Avatar
    I think I've heard something similar to that before... still a good one. :laughter:
  14. Gigantus's Avatar
  15. Flinn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lifthrasir
    In any case, if they recruit for "retirement", I'll surely apply
    Here here!! I'll join you, and if they have only one place, we will do fifty/fifty, like good friends

    @ Gig it gave me a good laugh as usual!
  16. Sir Adrian's Avatar
    Oh, the killer puns!
  17. Lifthrasir's Avatar
    In any case, if they recruit for "retirement", I'll surely apply
  18. Shankbot de Bodemloze's Avatar
    * groan *

  19. Gigantus's Avatar
    I quite like Sean Bean, he has the habit of playing in movies that spawn phrases that are well remembered. 'One does not simply walk into Mordor' - anyone? While his part in these two movies was relatively short he managed to perform memorable death sequences

    Liked the 'Sharpe' movies as well - so no surprise I took a (cheek in tongue) shine to this pic, I guess.
  20. Lifthrasir's Avatar

    ... and yes, I agree with Flinn, that pic is pure madness
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