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  1. Flinn's Avatar
    Take stairs, problem solved
  2. Gigantus's Avatar
    While I admire the urge and initiative to find ways how things don't work (I never say no to entertainment) the concluding part of it is certainly irritating, if not annoying.
  3. Septentrionalis's Avatar
    Haha, nice one. I can relate to that.

    My favorite people are the ones who refuse to take your advice on how something is done and stubbornly try ways that do not work. Eventually, having failed with all other approaches, they end up doing it how you have suggested all the while. Then they look triumphant and proud, taking the credit of finding a way that works.
  4. Gigantus's Avatar
    That's what donations are for: tax relief and public relations - not necessarily an evil thing. Rumors are also that philanthropy still exists in the wild but don't take my word for it
  5. Emperor Commodus's Avatar
    I wish I could view an announcement like this outside of the lens of 'PR appeasement to be expected, just wait for their next move'. Alas.
  6. makanyane's Avatar
    That's a very well written piece, thank you for sharing it.

    But really not encouraging news!
  7. Twilight Esker's Avatar
    And now they're peeking at Discord. It just gets better.
  8. Flinn's Avatar
  9. Flinn's Avatar
    We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%.
    This is the very base of any next year's sales budget

    This explains Flinn's hexship and why Hader hasn't booted him out of the family yet. Thank you Gigantus for your breakthrough reveal, it is much appreciated.
    you little sir, you have made yourself a powerful enemy, today!
  10. King Athelstan's Avatar
    This explains Flinn's hexship and why Hader hasn't booted him out of the family yet. Thank you Gigantus for your breakthrough reveal, it is much appreciated.
  11. King Athelstan's Avatar
    You almost got me Gig, I knew you couldn't have written this:tongue

    my average Step Length suggested I was 78 years old. (Disclosure: I'm not.)
    As we all know you actually are 78!
  12. alhoon's Avatar
    I don't have a smartphone.
  13. makanyane's Avatar
    Lol, I don't have a phone app, but do use a step counting watch worn on left hand, it doesn't record steps well if you're holding anything in that hand and therefore not swinging the arm. So I've got in the habit over a few years, of carrying everything with my right hand, which my physio now thinks is contributing to my right hip/leg being ed
  14. Flinn's Avatar
    lol, anyone deputizing their health to an app should suffer of neurotic disorder, as a form of punishment

    you all know that I am a convinced supporter of the dominance of mind over body, so.. sorry but gotta go now, my phone is reminding me to take my pills for schizophrenia!
  15. Cookiegod's Avatar
    I like to think that we're all your grandchildren, Gig. Now, about that Ferrari...
  16. Kilo11's Avatar
    Gig, you rascal, you! That story is excellent in every way!
  17. Flinn's Avatar
  18. Flinn's Avatar
  19. Gigantus's Avatar
    Being part of a mob is a concious decision, the main incentive being the assumption of 'zero reckoning', and as such one is responsible for actions taken. As one is in creating the circumstances for such a mob to likely form - as such I regard measures taken to prevent such happenings appropriate but also have to acknowledge the problem of doing so sensibly.

    And yes, I was referring to the R2-->M2 incidents.
  20. Emperor Commodus's Avatar
    Certainly. That I would quantify as excess, and while I think people do have the right to bomb a game that's the subject of bad mismanagement (a review is too vague to be held beyond individual standards, and if the individual denounces a game based on that, that's their opinion as long as it's their opinion and not parroting), the truth is that review bombs unfortunately result in
    - Ignorant users parroting misinformation or what they heard from their favorite youtuber - I exclude that from the 'their opinion' stipulation
    - Attacking games simply because the company was involved with them, even when the game has absolutely nothing to do with the recent games in question (Rome 2 bombers coming over to Medieval 2, for example)

    There's a balance, and unfortunately the mob is very poor at knowing the boundaries of reason.
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