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General Brewster

  1. On deaf people.

    On deaf people,

    So I know this title is somewhat controversial perhaps. I mean what could could come from an opinion peace titled "on deaf people"? I don't blame you. I assure you though that it won't be bad, or at least it wont be for me. So my woman's father and brother are both deaf. Both from birth although her father now uses a Cochlear Implant. So you might imagine that after a year and spending some decent amount of time together with her family I've learned a thing ...

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  2. Washing my car

    I am one of those people that at the first sight of nice weather, parks the car next to my house, get out my Karcher and hook up the water hose. Generally accompanied by some loud music I start the tedious task of cleaning my car of every spec of dirt it has accumulated in the roughly, 900-1200 kilometers I drive each week. Today was such a day, the first time since February that I washed my car. Before that it was about 8 months because unlike how this might look, I very much hate the task but ...
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  3. Enter the Snake Pit

    Enter the SnakePit.

    21:30 Saturday night. He exits the metro with his Sister in law, her sister and two friends and they make their way down from the elevated metro station. The venue is only a three-minute walk removed from the station. The road is full with likeminded people who are downing a few drinks before the venue opens. At the stop light he looks in front of him where some people stand grouped, he instantly recognizes one as the best friend of Anouk. He taps his sister ...
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  4. The days after

    The morning after.

    07:00, the night is over and she abruptly went home. He did not hear from her anymore and his texts went unanswered. He spoke to his sister in law about it and both reached the same conclusion, it was a great night and thatís something to cherish. He went downstairs to the lockers and got his coat, gazing through the hall hoping to see a glance of her pretty face just once more. He took out his phone and starred at the screen. No new messages. He opened Whatís ...

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  5. Standing there.

    Stood there.

    There he stood, simply standing there enjoying the rhythm of the music and looking at the people dancing to it when she passed him while dancing. He stared at her frozen in the moment as her golden hairs captivated him. He wanted to approach her but stood frozen in his place. He stared at her wishing he could do more but there he stood. She looked at him and smiled at him, he was baffled but smiled back and so she came closer to him... Smiling wider with each ...
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