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  1. King Athelstan's Avatar
    You're not allowed to go - I've got you on here, Discord and Steam - no way in hell you'll not be spammed by me enough to to bring ya back
  2. Flinn's Avatar
    You remind me of my ex of long ago.. she used to tell me she was going to leave me every month or so, at the end it was me who left her

    Jokes aside, I'm too fond of you to let you go, don't disappear or you're gonna break my heart
  3. General Brewster's Avatar
    I hate that I'm addicted to this board.
  4. Commissar Caligula_'s Avatar
    lol nerd

    Don't you dare leave tho
  5. Turkafinwë's Avatar
    Like Commodus said, you are a Titan of the modern era. For little babies like me, you are of the ones we look up to (I at least look up to you, for what it's worth). TWC would lose one of its greatest assets, in my opinion, with you gone Gen. Brewster.
  6. Cookiegod's Avatar
    Pls stay Brew! Or at least tell them what you told me in private, which is that I get to have all your medals, reps, titles and street cred.
  7. Cope's Avatar
    Pls, don't commit Brewicide :(

    @Commodus, TL;DR.
  8. Emperor Commodus's Avatar
    I think I get this, I really do. I will say that short of people that basically piss on the idea of the Curia, your legacy has certain high points very few users can contest. You've outlasted many, your dedication to the site as a user is among the peak, and your dedication to a particular aspect of it, the Curia, is as impossible to match as that of someone who is a modern titan in another section who's stayed even as the rest has fallen. I won't say you're a Gigantus, but on the other hand, as he is for modding, you kinda are for the Curia. The dedication spent is not to be dismissed. Between being a user and doing what you did to keep the torch alight, in addition to a notable footprint in the RPG section, you have a legacy that people would be ignorant or foolish to dismiss; certainly one with far more meaning than mine, which cannot even remotely match how much you've ultimately attempted to do and reached even if it was not all you hoped to be. My input may mean nothing, but while I won't give undue boost, I do consider you something of a Titan, as much as anyone can be in the modern era, compared to what you may find perusing through virtually every section of the site at this time.

    As we've touched on, there is a very real issue on the platform at the moment, one that I believe boils down to a lack of modern day vision, leading to the erosion of various institutions, the Curia included. As we've also touched on, addressing this can only go so far without effort from the top. Yet we can go at least some distance. You may consider the battle of the last two days lost; I would have you consider your future value and perspective of the site to be wider than that window. Consider it a case in point for an issue to address. Alone the problem is indeed untenable. But perhaps if we use the opportunity for the Curia to do a bit of soul searching, perhaps assembling a committee or informal group of interested folk to review its place and implementation of its things with your considerable past investment in mind, we can let the past lie and see if we can't bring the best of it into a new future, for the Curia if nothing else even if it's the last thing you ultimately do. Patching the Curia is little without good linkage to the rest, but I'd consider you a welcome addition to an effort on that end, and I think you can offer more than a resignation from the thing, especially if it's had you hooked this long. One more stand that looks at the roots and goes from there, if nothing else.

    Plenty of folks have made rather silly cases lately and seen the Curia in ways that must undoubtedly seem insulting with your legacy in mind, but I'd call that an opportunity to try and get the place to find its vision again. Athelstan means well and is open to input, and now he's virtually assured to be the top of it; I wouldn't call it hopeless just yet. What you remember might be out the door, but still. I'd like you to find a way to adapt if only a little, if only enough to lend credence to a new effort to give the Curia a point, in the eyes of the administration, the broader site, and its own membership - in a way that goes beyond using the Constitution as the sole pillar to keep it standing.

    Give it some thought and a few more days before committing, and if you still think your day is done for good, I wish you the best of luck, hope you'll still show up around the boards and discord every so often, and if nothing else, I thank you for the years you've been on the site, because in my view, they amount to distinctly more than nothing and still have potential even now.
  9. Akar's Avatar
    You better not leave us, damnit, Brew.
  10. General Brewster's Avatar
    @Flinn, I can confidently say I never felt something for her. Obviously I can't talk for her but I don't think so.. but maybe because we both thought it would've been really weird and wrong anyway?

    @Halie, I didn't write it with the intention to reflect on anything really. The only thing about this story that really bugs me to my core is that I am not seeing my nephew as much anymore as a consequence and where over the last three years I filled a connection to his father, I am now feeling pushed out by some "new" father figure that didn't even have hair on his balls when my nephew was born.
  11. Halie Satanus's Avatar
    No one did anything wrong or needs to be judged here. We only get one shot and it goes pretty quick. If she's happy, be happy for her. Find yourself a good woman, eat good food, drink plenty of beer, travel to great beaches/mountains/forests, get fat, get old and enjoy your life. Maybe if she sees you happy she'll reconnect, maybe not.

    Reflecting on what could have or didn't happen, or what other people are doing, is a waste of time....
  12. Flinn's Avatar
    yo bro, I have to ask you.. did you feel something for her other than friendship? It doesn't have to be necessarily something that you were aware of, but if you rethink on that period, can you exclude that you felt something more for her? Don't get me wrong man, I'm not telling anything out of the ordinary.. it's pretty normal for 2 persons who shared the same drama to get closer.. besides you had many points in common (you did divorce 3 months before), you know what? Maybe it was you, maybe her, or maybe both, but one way to see it is: you both felt something one for the other, than another person came in and you said to yourself "ok fine, I'll be there as a friend as I did before when my brother was still here".. and then she completely put you out of her life... man, this is not bitter, this tastes like , IMO
  13. Flinn's Avatar
    Such is life my friend, such is life.. never expect adult people to remember the good you did to them, because they won't.. and don't be surprised, love stories end even worse than this, so for a friendship it isn't anything out of the ordinary, sadly. Does it hurt? Of course, but it will only make you stronger bro... and don't be mad at her, don't look for revenge, think of what she passed through, and consider that most of the people want to remove any reference to past pain.. very little would be able, probably, to keep it up with seeing the brother of the man they loved and that they lost in such a bad way... it's sad that you have to be somewhat left alone, but you are the strong one here, not her.

    Just focus on your nephew now, as much as you can.. one day he will grow up and he won't forget what you did for him when he was a lad and at need, this way you'll keep your word with your brother for how much life will allow you.. and heck if he will forget after all, it won't be your fault in any case, IMO you really owe something only to your brother, and you kept your word to him in any case.
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  14. Flinn's Avatar
    Well as someone who's an Export Director, a Town Councilor, a Winemaker and a Hexer (not to count a husband and a father ) I can say that yes, I'm a busy dude... though this does not mean that I don't have "me time".. the concept of being busy is very relative, the problem comes when one got stressed by the many commitments.. the golden rule is "not too much, not too less", one can be busy as much as they like, but the important remains to be able to dedicate the right amount of time to ALL our important, daily, activities.
  15. Emperor Commodus's Avatar
    I pretty much busy myself perpetually with several hobbies, several game interests (total war is one of the oldest, but hardly the only) and a considerable amount of writing per day through roleplaying. Push comes to shove I could indeed eliminate those things to reclaim time. There's a lot of validity in what's being said, but for my case, I do feel that when I say I'm busy, I am indeed busy, and it's pure laziness that I branch off into random search forays like this at all.
  16. General Brewster's Avatar
    I very much agree Mak, I need "me time" as well!
  17. makanyane's Avatar
    I'll sometimes use being busy as an excuse, or let people assume I'm busier than I am, but what it often really means is that I've settled into a routine I can cope with and don't want to risk messing up my equilibrium by trying to introduce 'x' new thing, that someone else thinks is a good idea... I do know I generally need a fair amount of being quiet (and not dealing with too many people) time, which may be spent with TV / reading / games etc.
  18. Flinn's Avatar
    Well I'm rather new on blogging, but all in all it's not so different, to me at the least, than posting in the PH&A; you post about yourself usually, you post about your impressions, ideas and bla bla, so I find it easy to post when I have something to say

    I'm not a "blogger" de facto, in the sense that I don't like to "tell a story" if there isn't anything interesting about it.. I suppose it's also about the mood: in this period, due to my sentimental struggles, I'm in dire need of distracting myself, and writing about the other "sides" of my life helps me immensely to focus on other things and to remind myself who I am.
  19. Aexodus's Avatar
    Wow I’m surprised to enjoy a romantic story
  20. Emperor Commodus's Avatar
    No problem, I'm just a critic >.>

    In any case, yes, I believe we walk along similar lines with the matter you were trying to drive at.
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