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    Yes it was. I had a great time interacting and playing with the kids!
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    So much of adventure :D
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    Yes, we would marry just over a month after I wrote this.
    I could include stories aout the "other" women in China, but I am not entirely sure I was the one doing the seducing.
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    Dont tell me the younger women interested in kinds was the Chinese wife now that live with you currently in Jakarta. For 45 years guys, its can be considering as achievement. Any vodoo or magic involved ??? I know you already visit africa, perhaps you also learn one or two magic trick how to made love potion :XD

    Anyways its was one hell of story. Hope this will be the last wife till both of you separated by death. At least you can die with happy smile Sir Craig. You should create story how you manage seduce that young chick back in China, i am sure there will lots of comment :P
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    A TWO hour class is a long class. Most block schedules are 1:20/ 1:30.
    I don't teach a foreign language so I have no knowledge of the pedagogy. Two hours seems like a lot of time for the same activity. Generally, you should have different activities. The hardest thing about teaching a class is when you have students of widely different ability levels. You do get a "wiz kid" on occasion. There really isn't much you can do to keep them interested. I was like that with social studies. If the school has a feedback survey, then it would be worthwhile thing to note. If thee are a lot of students in the room, the teacher may not realize you are not be challenge. He or she won't change unless they know there is something wrong. Another thing you can do is to approach the teacher and let him/ her know that you will like to do more because the class isn't challenging enough. You might be surprise that the teacher feels the same way as you and would be quick to offer you something more to do.
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    I think it depends on a lot of factors. This year for instance, I've found self-study to be a lot more productive than some of my lessons. For example, every week for one of my language lessons I'm asked to prepare two dozen or so new words and translate a text. Yet in the two hour class, all we do is go over said words and said text. Granted it reinforces the knowledge (which I can and already do on my own), but it isn't applied to anything and it doesn't feel like a productive use of contact hours with a teacher. Since I've effectively done all the work for the lesson before I even go there, there's little point in showing up, since I could use those two hours to learn something new or put what I have learnt to better use. The only point of going to class seems to be simply to prove you've prepared for it. So in this instance it's down to my own personal study regimen and my teacher's teaching methods. Granted a different kettle of fish to IB, but I thought I'd chime in
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aikanár
    You're mostly French with some German and Irish.
    I'm mostly German with some French and an affection for Ireland.

    Stating the obvious, we're the opposite of each other.

    Also, great blog you got here
    Well, to be honest our family history is incomplete.
    We have my fathers side of the family trace back to the old country.
    On my mother side, we have only one side back to France. We do know anything about the "Lane" family. I have read the name is English or Irish. I also do not know when they arrived in the US. The longer the time, the more likely it will e mixed. Most people say I looked more German than French. I also take my looks from my Great grandmother who is the one with the most German in her (Alsace/ Lorraine region). Most Chinese think I am German, but that's an easy guess given that 80%+ of the expats here are German.

    ---Thanks for the compliment. I am surprise myself how much I enjoy writing them.
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    Hmm that quite story,impressive :)