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    Using CD's as shurikens, that's something new
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    Using CD's as shurikens, that's something new
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    Quite right VZ, you summed my feelings about TW perfectly. Especially the part about how tactics haven't changed. I was hoping TW would attempt to revolutionize things with space and planets, along with spaceship battles for Warhammer but it turned out to be something similar to older TW games.

    I suppose Warhammer was never going to be in the 40k universe because they didn't want to revolutionize things. The last time they tried was with ETW, ship combat and guns. Truthfully, the only thing that makes me play TW games now is having someone to play a coop campaign with. Playing solo isnt a challenge any longer or interesting for that matter.
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    I'm not an Historian, but I'm confident to say that war is a simple thing: either you win on attrition because of greater numbers, by surrounding the enemy or by superior armament, just that.

    The typical mechanics of TW games forces you to go for the middle solution, since the former is even more boring (and asks for a lot of replenishment of your armies) and the latter is only possible in some games/mods; in that regards I think TW games are pretty accurate
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    Ahh that feeling when you discover a lost gem, man does that feel great.
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    Thanks Inkie. In fact is was your linked thread that gave me the idea for this blog.
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    I made a [URL=""]thread[/URL] of a very similar nature to this last year, except if you left in fall 2011, that's just when I properly started to participate. TBH I'd imagine that the vast majority of old vBulletin forums are struggling these days.

    You might want to check the discussion out, it brought back a lot of older members with their perspectives on the situation: