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  1. King Athelstan's Avatar
    You see, the air force loooooooves powerpoint presentations that are as bland and boring as possible
    Oh not just the air force

    And aye, hadn't even heard of Elderberries being a thing to cure covid until reading this....

    Keep on soldiering dude!
  2. Flinn's Avatar
    Damn I knew I should have blocked your blogging rights!

    Great, first blog, honestly. You are having a great experience there, aren't you? There will be much to learn I'm sure: human genius is only equaled by human stupidity, precisely

    A couple weeks into the mission, our medical officer and her top NCO decided to have one non medical soldier go to the store and buy the entire task force some Emergen-C. You know, that drink mix stuff that has a metric ton of Vitamin C and claims in big bold letters how it will boost your immune system and keep you healthy (with the tiny letters saying these statements are not at all FDA approved). They began handing out two of these packets to each soldier twice a day and telling them to chug the damn stuff with water. They also began singing the praises of elderberry juice for immune system boosting and all the great things it does for you.
  3. makanyane's Avatar
    Oooh thanks for writing this! I've been wondering how you were getting on since I learnt what your job was...

    Sad to see the lack of an evidence-based approach from the command in what otherwise sounds like a well-prepared unit.

    Do keep writing these please so we can see how things progressed.