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    The new CMS Blogger Award!

    It's with great pleasure that we announce that The CMS Bloggers Award is now available!.

    Please follow the link above for more details

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    Join the Official TWC Discord Server

    We have now officially established a TWC Discord Server. Consider it an early Christmas present. This TWC Discord is still in its early days and we may indeed make changes and expand it in the future. However for the time being, it mainly functions as an extension for Staff, with some public channels for everyone to use on top of that. As moderating a discord server can be a bit trickier, public channels will be limited overall, but we will have an extension of the Questions&Suggestions forum, general chat, modding chat and modding assistance now as channels on the server.

    It also is not meant to replace any other discord servers you may utilize with other TWC members. Those are totally fine to still use and we're not trying to replace them with this, as this discord is official TWC staff first and foremost, and more of a backup for staff as well as alternative chat and questions place for all members. And again, expansion of what it can do publicly for all members is something we'll consistently being looking at in the future, both for more variety in text channels and even some voice channels.

    There is no official position yet, however if anyone is well versed in Discord and its intricacies, we may be creating a Gaming Staff position with the primary duty of upkeep of the Discord server. If you are interested please feel free to PM me about it!

    Please keep in mind that the ToS and SnD are applicable and enforceable on this Discord.

    You can read full details on the server here.

    And here is the actual invite link: