Anyone can request permission to have a blog. Requests should be made by going to your profile and clicking on Join Groups in the Permission Groups section, and then clicking to join the 'Bloggers' group. The site administrators will decide whether or not people should have permission to post a blog on a case by case basis.

Only people with permission to post blogs will be able to post comments on blogs. If you do not want to post a blog of your own, but you do want to be able to post comments on blogs, then you should follow the steps above and request permission to have a blog.

Some content is not appropriate for blogs and blog comments. If you have a blog, or if you post comments on any blogs, you must follow these rules, which will be applied strictly:
- no religion
- no politics
- no content which breaks TWC's Terms of Service (please note that this means all content must be family friendly).

Anyone who breaks the rules above will lose the ability to post blogs and also the ability to post comments on blogs, and their blog will be deleted. Appeals to the Tribunal will have no effect on this decision - this is a purely administrative matter and the decision will be made by the site administrators.