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Shogun 2: Total War
Mod Type
Feudal Japan
Mod Leader
General Malaise
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[edit] Description

Zen Mod is a complete overhaul of Shogun 2: Total War. Zen Mod aims to create a more historically accurate and better game by adding correct unit rosters that make each Clan more unique. The units in Zen Mod have been balanced so each unit type's speciality is more important. There is multiple versions of this mod that are customized to work with the Vanilla game or there is a version that can work with DarthMod: Shogun II.

[edit] Features

  • Battle mechanics have been slowed down to add to the realism and depth of the mod by forcing you to use different manouvers such as flanking to defeat the enemy army. This adds to the difficulty makign the game much more challenging!
  • The Economis of the game have been changed slightly, making the recruitment and upkeep costs of ashigaru units cheaper. Historically, ashigaru were peasants that had basic training, thus they should be cheaper than trained Samurai.
  • Each Clan now has it's own unique hero unit. In the vanilla game, every clan had the same hero units. This was not historically accurate and made all the clans feel the same. However, with Zen Mod every clan feels different. Also, every clan can only have one hero unit.
  • The unit size of ashigaru units has been increased due to the fact that they were cheap to recruit and dont require the same amount of training as a Samurai unit would need.
  • All units, ships, cavalry, infantry etc now have correct Japanese names to add to the depth and realism of the mod.
  • Tweaks to the AI have been made so that the AI produces less ashigaru and more high tier Samurai. This also fixes the bug where the AI would spam Bow Ashigaru units.
  • Garrison sizes have been increased to stop Clans getting destroyed in the first few turns.
  • Archers effectivness has been reduced slightly while Matchlock units effectivness has been increased. While anti cavalry unit bonuses have been decreased.
  • Unit cards are color coded to make it easier to tell what unit type's you have availiable in battle. This is based off JFC's unit cards mod.
  • All of the unit rosters have been re-balanced to remove the redundant units and to make each Clan feel unique.

[edit] Unit Rosters

Zen Mod features new unit rosters, listed below is an example.

  • Yari Ashigaru.(long spear)
  • Naginata Ashigaru.
  • Yumi Ashigaru.
  • Teppo Ashigaru.
  • Yari Samurai.(short spear)
  • Naginata Samurai.
  • Yumi Samurai.
  • Teppo Samurai.
  • Keikihei Samurai.(short spear)
  • Juukihei Samurai.(naginata)
  • Kyukihei Samurai.(bow)
  • Hokihei Samurai.(musket, dragoon)
  • Yari Sohei. (short spear)
  • Naginata Sohei.
  • Yumi Sohei.
  • Teppo Sohei.
  • Oban.(long spear, shogun only)
  • Kerai.(nodachi, garrison only)
  • Kiba Sohei.(mounted monks, req. fortified monastery)

[edit] Clans

Zen Mod features new unique units for all Clans. Listed below is a list of them all.

  • Chosokabe- Superior bowmen Chosokabe Kyudosha (bow hero)
  • Date- Superior naginata troops, Date Kesshitai (nodachi hero)
  • Hattori- Kisho training for foot samurai/ashigaru, Hattori Iga-Mono* (ninja hero)
  • Hojo- Superior siege units, Hojo Onna-Bugeisha (naginata hero)
  • Mori- Superior sohei, Mori Yamabushi (naginata monk hero)
  • Oda- Superior ashigaru, Oda Ashigaru-Gashira (long spear hero)
  • Shimazu- Superior foot samurai, Shimazu Kensei (nodachi hero)
  • Takeda- Superior mounted samurai, Takeda Uma-Mawari (mounted long spear hero)
  • Tokugawa- Superior gun troops and ships, Tokugawa Sogekihei (musket sharpshooter hero)
  • Uesugi- Superior spearmen, Uesugi Hatamoto-Kachi (short spear hero)

[edit] Credits

  • The Hedge Knight for his UAI mod.
  • Swiss Halberdier for his Yari Sohei model.
  • JFC for his unit cards

[edit] Visual Material

[edit] External Links

Zen Mod thread on TWC

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