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Makanyane is a member of an endangered species: a female modder. Her user name also relates to a real world endangered species.

She is usually referred to as 'Mak', which could be an affectionate nick name, but is more likely to be because no-one can spell her user name.

[edit] Modding Profile

Makanyane is proud to have been a team member and main coder for the End of Days modification for BI 1.6

- see this thread for download information.

and also the sequel EoDII: Lycan Rising

- see release thread

She is currently (very) intermittently working on Princes Kings and Heroes

Mainly she helps wilddog in supporting the IWTE tool for battlemap modification in M2TW

[edit] Forum History

Makanyane joined the Org in January 2006 to ask a question about getting RTW factions to emerge using the BI exe. She joined TWC shortly afterwards.

Despite not really wanting to get involved in forum administration she was for a while an assistant moderator for the RTW Scriptorium and Forge at The Guild (Org), and was briefly Wiki editor for this project whilst it was a curia appointed position. She's now back in the Content Staff section at TWC to help on the Wiki as Wiki Director.

[edit] External Links

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