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Makanyane is a member of an endangered species: a female modder. Her user name also relates to a real world endangered species.

She is usually referred to as 'Mak', which could be an affectionate nick name, but is more likely to be because no-one can spell her user name.

[edit] Modding Profile

Makanyane is proud to have been a team member and main coder for the End of Days modification for BI 1.6

- see this thread for download information.

and also the sequel EoDII: Lycan Rising

- see release thread

She is currently (very) intermittently working on Princes Kings and Heroes

Mainly she helps wilddog in supporting the IWTE tool for battlemap modification in M2TW

[edit] Forum History

Makanyane joined the Org in January 2006 to ask a question about getting RTW factions to emerge using the BI exe. She joined TWC shortly afterwards.

Despite not really wanting to get involved in forum administration she was for a while an assistant moderator for the RTW Scriptorium and Forge at The Guild (Org), and was briefly Wiki editor for this project. She's now back in the Content Staff section at TWC to help on the Wiki.

[edit] External Links

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