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Jebus comes from the small IGN kingdom, instead of the massive TWC Empire or the org. confedaracy. to proove how small the kingdom is, he's 3rd in charge of it.. you may find such a kingdom, by searching google for "IGN boards MTW"

This user is not American ...and unabashedly proud of it. But he's not saying where he is from in case y'all come and bomb the hell out of it.

this user is a communist (and is currently working on his stalin 'tash)

Turn ons kitten huffing, Technology, communism, oscar wilde (in a manly hetrosexual way), jessica alba (in a manly... you dont need to know this...), when girls I know like Iron Maiden/Slayer/Queens of the Stone Age, tomboys :P, 1337 sp34k n00bs, the lovely and charmingly funny uncyclopedia

Turn Offs evil bloodsucking capatalists, your mum, the evil non-funny rarely-useful wikipedia, thacher (pronounced ****), emo, not including uncyclopedia references on your user page, most relegions (exceptions, pastafarinism, buddhism, taoism, confusism), NOT getting tickets to download, I dont like family guy


Jebus has finnaly created an account at TWC!! This is shocking and stunning, and his account can be found under the name he uses on IGN, called 00Jebus...

or you could just click this link

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