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[edit] Overview

The Total War Center is one of the largest Total War fan sites on the internet. The site features:

  • An extensive community
  • Regularly updated news and articles
  • A vast array of hosted modifications for every Total War game
  • A vast discussion board for topics ranging far beyond the Total War series of games
  • A system of Citizenship
  • Competitions and awards

The Day to day running of the Site is done by the Administrators and Moderators. TWC is also home to the Curia.

[edit] Total War Sections

Each Total War Series game has a forum on TWC. These include, as appropriate, sub-forums for discussion of the game, technical help, modification ideas and proposals, hosted modifications and modding workshops.

Main forums include:

The Total War Center is home to a large collection of hosted modifications for each of the Total War series games. Prominent early examples include Rome Total Realism, SPQR and Terrae Expugnandae for Rome: Total War and Lands to Conquer, Medieval: Total Realism and Medieval: Wrath of the Norsemen for Medieval 2: Total War.

[edit] The Curia

TWC has a system of citizenship, given as an award for contributions to the site and community, which allows an enhanced say in how the forum is run. The Curia and its Constitution govern this system. See:

[edit] Common Community

The Common Community Section of TWC is almost as big as the Total War areas. Here people debate topics such as Politics, Current Affairs, Morals, Religion, Science, Sports, History, Technology, and games.

[edit] Non-Total War Games

  • Game Reviews - Reviews of games, written by TWC members. Including both PC and console games.
  • Warhammer 40K - Discuss the Games Workshop tabletop and videogames here.
  • Paradox Games - A forum set aside for discussion on games developed or published by Paradox Games, such as Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron.
  • Mount&Blade - For discussing the addictive game by TaleWorlds.
  • Bethesda Games - A forum for discussion of games developed by Bethesda Softworks, such as the Elder Scrolls series.
  • BioWare Games - A forum for discussion of games developed by BioWare, such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur's Gate, etc.
  • Minecraft - The forum for the indie game Minecraft.
  • Other Games - General non-TW gaming discussion and discussion of any games that don't have their own forum here.

[edit] Discussion and Debate

[edit] Games, Activities and Chat

[edit] News and Articles

Regularly updated news and articles on TWC include:

[edit] History

See main article: Total War Center History.

Some of the former Administrators or Staff members of TWC have created accounts of their times at the site:

[edit] vBulletin

vBulletin is one of the leading commercial forum software packages, which TWC currently uses. It used to use Invision Power Boards, but that turned out to be insecure, as was evidenced by the hacker attacks leading to the May 2005 crisis. During those attacks, Ogre's Net asked for help and were told to not use IPB, but to switch to vB instead. When that was done, the attacks stopped.

[edit] Visual History

[edit] TWC Crack

Usually references to TWC crack or, simply crack are used to imply that Total War center has an effect on its dedicated users similar to the effect created by dependency creating drugs.

The words are usually used when a long time member is discussing or simply stating his decision to leave the fora completely.

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