The Dark Ages (TWA)

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The Dark Ages (TWA)
Total War: Attila
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[edit] Description

This is a series of Total War: Attila campaign Mods entitled The Dark Ages. It totally overhauls the vanilla campaign and the two DLC, Age of Charlemagne and the Last Roman. In essence when you download this mod you get to play three separate campaigns that are an interlinked storyline of how Europe rose out the Dark Ages. This modding project will show the rise of the northern nation states from the relatively obscure back water that they were at the fall of the Roman Empire to the world dominating powers that they eventually became.

[edit] The Dark Ages Mods

[edit] Rise of the North

[edit] Age of Charlemagne - Imperator Romanum

[edit] Age of Martel AOC Overhaul

[edit] Attila Grand Campaign Historical Total Overhaul

[edit] Fall of the West

[edit] Team Members

  • Three Eyed Crow - Western Faction Research
  • Rampante-Cid - Eastern Faction Research
  • Linuslinothorax - Historical Arms and Armor Advisor
  • NateTheGreat1990 - Unit Skins
  • Thunder-Bear - DB Editor
  • DontFearMes - UI

[edit] Permissions

Permission by request only

[edit] External Links

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