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Welcome to the ultimate information hub for all Art sections! May the Garb be with you.

The Monthly AAR Event


[edit] MAARC XXX


Winner announcements are stickied at the top of the page Here

Join the contest!

Nominate your AAR for next month's competition,


Remember: The nominated AAR must have at least 2 updates in the given month.

The Nomination Thread is stickied at the top of the page here

Graphics Competitions


[edit] GC 127

GC 127.png

Akar has won this week's Graphics Competition. Congratulations!

Winner announcements are stickied at the top of the page here

[edit] GC 128

Vote for in the ongoing GC 128 Contest:


Join the contest!

[edit] GC 127

The theme for the current GC is:

  • Oblivion.

maximum 1024 X 1024 px

Submission Threads are stickied at the top of the page here

TotW Contest Roundup


[edit] TotW 118a

TOTW 118a.jpg

Darkan´s tale gathered the most people around the storyteller's campfire. Congratulations!

[edit] TotW 119a

Vote for in the ongoing TotW 119a Contest:


Join the contest!

[edit] TotW 120a

Let your creativity flow!

Submission Threads are stickied at the top of the page here

PotW Winners


[edit] PotW 260 Champion

POTW 260.jpg

MorganH. has conquered the PoTW 260 challenge and emerged as the Champion with this shot. Congratulations MorganH.!

Winner and Submission Threads are stickied on this page here

[edit] UESW 163 Champion

UESW 163.jpg

Salvator has emerged the victor of competition 163 for un-edited screen shots with this beautiful submission.

Winner and Submission Threads are stickied here.


The Writers Study Forum Description

The Writers Study is divided into the After Action Reports , the Monthly After Action Competition , Tale of The Week , Creative Writing , TWC Members Blogs and the Writers Lounge.


AARs are gathered in these sections:

  1. Total War Eras AARs
  2. Medieval 2: Total War AARs
  3. Empire: Total War AARs
  4. Napoleon: Total War AARs
  5. Total War: Shogun 2 AARs
  6. Non-TW AARs

AAR Competitions

The Monthly AAR Competition-or MAARC-is held here. Each month, writers can nominate their AARs if they were updated at least twice in the that month. After the 4 Week nomination period, usually 10 days voting is held to find the 3 best AARs for the month.

Winning the MAARC gets you a score/leadership points:

  1. place: 4 points
  2. place: 3 points
  3. place: 2 points

These points can be gathered to finally gain the three AAR Competitions Medals!

Tale of the Week Contest

The Tale of the Week Contest is a good way to boost your creativity: Each week a picture, often from the Picture of the Week Contest, gets chosen and the participants write a short story, or tale about the picture, for a minimum of 200 words.

The winner of the weekly contest is awarded 1 point for the AAR Competitions Medals Scoreboard.

Forum Moderators: Hesus de bodemloze,,molls,Mega Tortas de Bodemloze,Radzeer,Skantarios,wowbanger

AAR Spotlight

[edit] A British Soldier's Perspective

Played on Empire: Total War using the mod DarthMod Empire, this AAR is the war diary of a corporal in a British colonial unit.

This Great Britain AAR is written by Nanny de Bodemloze.

The AAR is written in form of a diary of Corportal Underhill's experiences; relating his experiences of war on both sides of the Atlantic as part of the 9th York Regiment.

Along with the videos of excellent quality you would expect from the author, the personal view of war, and moving end, make for a very interesting read.

RPG Spotlight

[edit] The Roman Struggle

The roman struggle.jpg

The Roman Struggle is a Community RPG where each participant plays a senator, with their own house, funds, and popularity. The game revolves around the players who are the Senate, running Rome, with diplomacy, war, and public works, as well as controlling the actions of ambitious generals.

For more details see the forum, to sign up please see this thread.

Useful Links

[edit] Competition

[edit] Tutorials & Guides

[edit] Library

[edit] Random

RPG Useful Links

[edit] Guides and Discussion



Forum Description

The Graphics Workshop is THE place for all your artistic needs regarding:

  • Picture editing and general editing Tutorials
  • Avatar and Signature Requests
  • Your own Gallery - show off your work, earn respect and constructive criticism
  • A massive Help Section
  • Content Art Staff: They will create everything for you:
    • Banners for your mods.
    • Badges and other art for the Total War Center.
    • Constructing different page skins and more...

And of course the Graphics Competition - Each week artists race against each other to create pictures about general topics in signature style - for the Graphics Competition Medals!

  • 3 wins earn you the Graphics Competition Bronze Medal
  • 9 wins earn you the Graphics Competition Silver Medal
  • 15 wins earn you the Graphics Competition Gold Medal

Forum Moderators: Sniper_LTU,y2day,Louis Lux,KDK,Aanker,apple,Finlander,Finch,Narfi

Workshop Spotlight


Giovi's Workshop

One of the most successful GW artists will present his Workshop to you:

"Well, I use and love photoshop because you can make everything and express the artist inside your soul...I keep exploring and learning; You can clearly see the difference between my old works and my new ones!

Most of the stuff in my workshop are signatures made for my personal use and for others members, but there also are several wallpapers as well as tons of other stuff.

For me, it is important to advertise mods and other sections of the forum. Basically I love everything about digital art and I blend different pics in various ways to make something totaly different and personal. In my works I want to express a great pathos and my works are generally dark."

Probably one of Giovi's best works is the Winner of the "Abstract" Themed GC:


Graphics Workshop News

Useful Links

[edit] Tutorials & Help

[edit] Others



Forum Description

This is the place for all your Total War Games Screenshots!

The Forum gets divided into the Weekly Competitions and the Gallerias.

[edit] 1. Weekly Competitions

Two seperate contests are being held every week:

  1. The Picture of the Week Contest, in short PotW, allows any kinds of modifications to the original Total War picture, as long as the final picture still consists of a major Total War Screenshot part.
  2. The Unedited Screenshot of the Week Contest, in short UESW, allows ONLY UNEDITED Total War Screenshots. The emphasis lies on the perfect shot at the perfect time.

As always, the winners of the PotW contest (not UESW!) qualify for the

Picture of the Week Medal:

  • Bronze: 3 Wins
  • Silver: 9 Wins
  • Gold: 15 Wins

[edit] 2. Galleria

Create your own Screenshot Gallery! Show off your pics, talent and style - earn reputation, constructive criticism, reknown and the attention of other members.

Forum Moderators: LuckyLewis

Gallery Spotlight


Lolgast's Gallery

The Gallery of Lolgast is definitely proof of how much people can enhance and improve their sense of picture taking, as well as their skill to edit those pictures.

Lolgast started off with some pretty heavy and overdone editing, but even there - right at the beginning of his PotW carreer - you could spot that he understands how the basis picture has to look like to make a good final piece of art.

He started off with R:TW screens, with dark and somehow blurred graphics, then moved on to animated Pictures, including his famous "the last seconds before the end". After that he got active in the Graphics Workshop too, and by then you could see an impressive enhancement of his works.

When the Empire hype started, Lolgast was the first one to grab the opportunity by its horns and took an official screenshot from IGN, edited in and backed it up with a breathtaking background - this won him his first PotW contest.

After that his recent empire works have superb, warm graphics and do really please the eye! Example:


Useful Links

[edit] Competitions

[edit] Tutorials

Famous Galleries



TW-Based Community RPG's

Role Playing Games, in short RPGs, are a complex and highly entertaining way to interact and "play" with other members on TWC.

New RPGs can be suggested in the Consulate.

In general, all participants of one RPG choose one faction for the game and pick their characters (Family Members, Agents, etc) out of this faction. Then, everyone acts out his role or character to turn a simple Total War campaign into a vivid theatre play or rather, a novel! Most RPGs have introduced a complex game system with political aspects and structures.

Here is the list of the currently active RPGs:

  1. God Save the King! (A Medieval RPG) A world of political strife, great battles, and ever changing allegiances. The most active RPG.
  2. You Are the Senate Roman RPG, second most active.
  3. The Roman Struggle RPG set during the late roman republic.
  4. Wargamer's Guild RPG set during the 17th Century.

Forum Moderators: Pontifex Maximus,Leonidas the Lion,Ishan,Poach,John Wayne,Hader

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