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The TWC wiki is a content resource aimed at providing information about Total War, Modding and any other Community Activity. When editing the Wiki if you do something wrong then always remember that pages can be reverted back to its former state and so nothing is permanent so don't hesitate from editing it.

As a part of TWC the Wiki is subject to the Terms of Service (ToS) of the site. Wiki Staff are in charge of monitoring content to ensure that it is of high quality and in line with the ToS. They have the same status as local moderators which are present throughout the community.

Wiki Staff can edit and/or delete content and ban accounts at will. In addition to this, violation of the ToS in the Wiki will be reported to the Moderation Branch and offending members may receive infractions and bans on the forums.

Bans from the wiki cannot be appealed in the Tribunal or Praetorium, instead they should be appealed directly to the Wiki Director via Private Message.

Infraction points can still be referred to the tribunal as they are carried out by Moderation.


[edit] Conduct

[edit] Editing policy

  • Improve pages wherever you can, and don't worry about leaving them imperfect. It is advisable to explain major changes.
  • Protected pages are not to be edited except staff members as they are on watch lists already, a regular member can always drop a suggestion though to change pattern etc.
  • Templates and banners are to be modified and changed by the staff members only as they are complicated and require experience.

[edit] No edit warring

  • If someone challenges your edits, discuss it with them and seek a compromise or if the situation is escalated then contact a Wiki Staff member so that he can intervene and resolve the issue. Do not start fights over competing views and versions.
  • If a Wiki Staff member reverts an edit explaining his reason then one is not allowed to undo it, you can always talk to him on his talk page or if on TWC send a Private Message to him or to the Wiki Director.

[edit] No personal attacks

Do not make personal attacks anywhere in the TWC Wiki. If a TWC member is found doing it so then he\she will be dealt with according to the TWC Terms of Service.

[edit] Content

[edit] What the TWC Wiki is not

  • One must keep in mind that the TWC Wiki is not similar to other wikis so articles should be related to the Total War games or related to the site.

[edit] Article titles

  • The Titles should be easy to find, precise, concise, and consistent with other titles. It's better to search sometimes as most of the times articles exists already so it's better to edit them rather than make new ones.

[edit] Neutral point of view

  • Everything that our readers can see should be written from a completely neutral point of view. In other words no use of the first person, no unsupported opinion and certainly no advertisement-like language.

[edit] Deletion

[edit] Attack pages

  • A TWC Wiki article, page, category, redirect or image that exists primarily to disparage its subject is an "attack page". These pages are subject to being deleted by any Administrator or member of Wiki Staff at any time.

[edit] Criteria for speedy deletion

  • Articles(spam), images, categories etc. may be "speedily deleted" if they clearly fall within certain categories, which generally boil down to pages lacking content, or disruptive pages. Anything potentially controversial should be proposed for deletion.

[edit] Proposed deletion

  • Anyone can propose the deletion of an article if it's not relevant to TW games and TWC or controversial when spotted and a Wiki administrator will deal with it. Put those pages in the delete category so that an administrator can spot them quickly.

[edit] Deletion policy

  • Deleting articles requires a TWC Wiki administrator and only they can do it they see the need.

[edit] Enforcement

[edit] Administrators

  • TWC Wiki Administrators or Sysops are the overseers of the TWC Wiki, they are assigned to keep the integrity of the wiki intact and they have the power to delete irrelevant articles from the Wiki.

[edit] Patrollers

  • They are the ones that view the changes happening on the Wiki on a regular basis and advise or assist editors if he\she is doing something incorrect. All Wiki Staff members are patrollers.

[edit] Warnings

  • The Wiki Director has the power to inform editors if they think they doing something incorrect or unnecessary. In this case they must respect their decision and ignoring it will force him to take actions against their Wiki account.

[edit] Banning policy

  • Extremely disruptive editors on the TWC Wiki will be banned, for example spamming the Wiki with irrelevant information, tampering with articles on purpose etc.

[edit] Blocking policy

  • Editors can be blocked from editing for short or long amounts of time. It includes repeated placing of incorrect information; making unnecessary edits; removing hyperlinks and replacing them with dead links; and ignoring Wiki Staff warnings.

[edit] Accounts

  • People wishing to post on the TWC Wiki must first register via the main website at

[edit] Vandalism

  • Vandalism is any addition, deletion, or change to content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of the TWC Wiki. It is an inappropriate behavior and this may lead to temporary block or ban depending upon the user history. Spambots will be instantly banned and all their edits deleted.

[edit] Uncategorized

[edit] User pages

  • Any Wiki member can create a user page for themselves or for another member in order to add something about their history on TWC etc. Only TWC members can have pages written about them-pages of non-members will be deleted by Wiki Staff. Remember that the TWC Wiki is not a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site and any controversial or irrelevant information will also be removed by Wiki Staff.
  • Wiki Staff can be contacted for advice on how to do user pages, however they will only make a user page if the member in question has done something seriously important for TWC.

[edit] Images

  • Relevant Images can be used in articles to make them presentable, however, one can only use pictures of the mod/site institution/member in question in it's own article, unless permission has been given by the original artist and the Wiki Director.
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