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Member's Page Example
<avatar url http...etc>
Badges/Staff Roles: <e.g.Artifex,Gaming Staff>
Patron : <Username>
House : <House Name>
Patron of : <Username, Username>
TWC Profile : Here]


[edit] About <Username>

<Whatever you like here within TWC ToS - if writing about YOURSELF feel free to add real world information, but remember it will be publicly viewable and remain accessible in the page history. DO NOT add real world information about other members, even if that information is posted elsewhere>

[edit] <Heading Title Here>

<Info here>

[edit] <Minor Heading Here>

<Info here>

[edit] TWC History

<Could include join date, when member became a citizen, details of participation in the Curia or on TWC committees or in Staff positions>

[edit] Games Owned

<Total War games owned could be entered here - could also include non-TW games - and if writing about yourself, preferences and opinions about the games - and/or favourite mods>

[edit] Modding History

<Enter here if appropriate - include links to the mods or tools etc. [[Wiki Page Name]] links to a wiki page and [http....etc here] links to an external site, bullet points can be used as below if you want a list;

Use sub-headings e.g. ===Major Mods=== if there are a lot >

[edit] Current/Former Badges and Badged Roles

Temporary instruction note; Find the image you want in Category:Badges and use it's page name in place of the examples shown below, add new rows to the table by copying a section including the |- blank line between rows

Badge Description
Artifex radadir.png < Description e.g. An Artifex is a Citizen who chooses to be recognized as having their strongest ties to the Total War community.>
Consilium de Civitate Empire.png <e.g. The CdeC members used to oversee the promotion of new citizens, and carry out disciplinary procedures.>

[edit] Awards

Temporary instruction note; find the award in Medals and Awards pages - for Scribes Quill in 'Type' use [[Site_Service_Awards#Scribes_s_Quill|Scribe's Quill]] - click on the relevant award image and use page name in place of Wrench.png, e.g. [[File:Quillbigemerald.png|50px]]

Award Type Reason
Wrench.png Description here Reason and date awarded here (info from TWC profile)
Wrench.png Description here Reason and date awarded here (info from TWC profile)
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