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Shogun 2 Realism
Total War: Shogun 2
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Feudal Japan
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[edit] Description

Shogun 2 Realism aims to provide you with a more historically accurate game while still retaining the fun vanilla elements. The focus of Shogun 2 Realism is on combat and gameplay, balancing the unit statistics to solve the problem with over powerful units. Overall these changes are a huge improvment over the vaniila version of the game.

[edit] Features

  • Battles last much longer, this results in battles being more tactical for you because you need to use flanking manouvres and such to be victorious. This make the battles much more enjoyable because you can see what it happening and it is not over as quickly.
  • Sieges have been made more difficult for the attacker.
  • Armies are now comprised mostly of Ashigaru units and not elite samuarai to reflect the Sengoku jidai period. This makes you value your samuarai and elite units more.
  • Unit sizes have been changed to be more historically accurate. Poorly trained units such as Yari Ashigaru will have more men than the better trained troops such as the Yari samurai. For example Yari Ashigaru will have 250 men while Yari Samurai will have
  • The unit stats of the Ashigaru have been edited slightly to make them capable fighters in melle. They will now be very useful units to have.
  • Units no longer rout as quickly as they did in vanilla. This represents the high warrior ethics they had and Bushido.
  • Samuarai units are much more expensive. You wont be able to afford a lot of them so losing one in battle is a big deal.
  • Generals and cavalry units are much less fragile, you should be able to use them more effectivley now and reflect how valuable they were.
  • Yari units now have the spearwall attribute.
  • Katana Samurai are now capped at 3 per faction, except Shimazu, who gets 5 units(their faction bonus).
  • Katana cavalry are now capped at 1 unit per faction.
  • There is an increased amount of soldiers spawned at casles when under siege.

[edit] The team

  • Agostinos Coding/ hex programming and creative designer.
  • DaVinci Project director, coding and creative designer.
  • Drtad creative designer
  • JaM creative designer
  • St. Cyr creative designer

[edit] Visual Material

[edit] External Links

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