Shogun 2: All In One Mod

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Shogun 2: All In One Mod
Total War: Shogun 2
Mod Type
Total Conversion
Feudal Japan
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[edit] Description

ToonTotalWar presents: Shogun2 All in One Mod !

The Shogun2 All in One Mod is a Mod for Total War: Shogun2 game.

This Mod gives the player lots of different Mods based of various modders works, and also with some of Toons own tweaks and personal Mods added.

[edit] Features

[edit] The Team

  • ToonTotalWar - Creator and Rebel Alliance Leader
  • MorganH - Moderator and Rebel Alliance Chief of Staff

[edit] Included Mods

  • Blood Mod - ToonTotalWar, also thanks to The Hedge Knight for allowing me to use landbattle.xml file to increase quality of lighting.
  • 32bit Unit Textures - ToonTotalWar
  • Unit size Increase - ToonTotalWar
  • No Camera Shake - ToonTotalWar
  • Less Shiney Gloss units mod - FTMCH
  • AUM Mod 1.6 - Swiss Halberdier
  • Clan Recolour Mod (Pack 11) - Zane
  • Unit Card mod - CocunutFred
  • Reduced reload rates for land units v1.0 (Archers & Guns) – Zowrath
  • No projectile trails v1.1 (Arrows & Guns) – Zowrath
  • Custom mini-map pips v1.1 - Dynamo11
  • General Horo Removal Mod - The Hedge Knight
  • No Red Borders - The Hedge Knight
  • 楽 Shogun 2 music 楽 mod - Brigadier Graham
  • Unit Card Borders - JFC
  • Alternative Loading Screens - JFC
  • Japanese Speech Fix Mod v2 - Wind
  • Darth Mod notes
DarthMod: Shogun 2 (v1.45) - Darth Vader
  • Mod compatability problems
Unit Variety Mod Version 2

[edit] Forum

Downloadlink and Thread here: Shogun2 All In One

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