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  • Mongol Invasion

The Mongol Invasion was the first and only expansion pack to Shogun: Total War. It was developed by the Creative Assembly. Its main addition was to add a new campaign set in 1230, hypothesizing a successful Mongol landing in Japan. This campaign had only 2 factions, the Hojo (possessing all of Japan) and the new faction, the Mongols. The gameplay of this campaign was notable in that the Mongols were unable to recruit troops in any conquered provinces, but instead had to rely on reinforcements periodically appearing in coastal provinces to replenish their troops. In addition to this campaign, the expansion also added "eras" to the original campaign, as well as several new units and a campaign of Historical Battles.


[edit] Features

[edit] Factions

[edit] New Units


  • Kensai
  • Battlefield Ninja
  • Crossbow Ashigaru
  • Naginata Cavalry


  • Mongol Light Cavalry
  • Mongol Heavy Cavalry
  • Korean Skirmishers
  • Korean Spearmen
  • Korean Guardsmen
  • Thunder Bombers

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