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The Scriptorium is a place where the Total War Center's most popular and well written articles are stored. In the case you are in need of an article for a bit of research, or are just looking for a good read, then this is the where you'll find what you want. Anything you can think of; articles related to History, the Real World, the Total War Games, Modding, Science, and just about everything you can think of are included in the Scriptorium. Articles are subdivided into catalogs, where you can find all articles of one topic or genre. The Scriptorium also hosts two writing competitions one during the winter and one during the summer.


  1. The Catalogue Pt. 1: The Total War World
  2. The Catalogue Pt. 2: The Real World
  3. The Catalogue Pt. 3: Modding Tools and Resources
  4. The Catalogue Pt. 4: Computers and Games
  5. The Catalogue Pt. 5: History
  6. The Catalogue Pt. 6: The Utmost Contributors
  7. The Catalogue Pt. 7: Competition Winners
  8. The Catalogue Pt. 8: Total War Center Content Publications


Librarians decide on the content of the Scriptorium and are the general custodians of the archives of TWC. As such, they are constantly looking around the forums in search of good articles, worthy of submission to The Scriptorium. They also regularly discuss the functioning of the Library, its structure, policy, and potential improvements. In addition, librarians administer the Scriptorium writing competitions. Listed below are the Current and the Former Librarians:

Chief Librarian:

Current Librarians:

Former Chief Librarians:

Former Librarians

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