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Rome: Total War is a game in the Total War Series developed by the Creative Assembly.
The game was released in 2004 and is still popular with players and modders. The game covers the period 270BC to AD 14 with a campaign that ranges across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The expansions Alexander and Barbarian Invasion run on Rome: Total War.

Mod Releases & Updates

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  • Released Mods A categorized and sortable list of completed mods for all Total War platforms. Although incomplete it is probably the most exhaustive list available.

RTW Modding Spotlight

[edit] Rome: Total History 2.0 Plutonian Edition


Rome: Total History version 2.0 was the winner of TWC's 2015 Most Popular Hosted Mod for RTW. This version adds almost 100 new buildings, map improvements, a supply line system, an additional 120 permanent forts, and implements a new unit animation pack. Character traits and ancillaries are also enhanced. The mod also includes the option to download an extra 700 new loading screens! Download links and detailed description. [1].

[edit] Ab Urbe Condia "Platinum"


Ab Urbe Condita (meaning 'from the founding of the city') is a mod that started from a series of small tweaks to Lusted's Terrae Expugnandae mod. Now running on the Alexander engine it has grown into a full grown hosted mod which was voted 2nd most popular mod in the 2015 modding awards. The mod includes graphical improvements, the Mundus Magnus campaign map spanning from Ireland to India, new factions, units, textures and mercenary system, unique UIs for each culture. The mod also claims massive AI tweaks which rebalance unit and faction performance.

See the information and download thread here for more details

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