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Reconquista: Total War
Platform and Compatibility: Medieval 2: Total War, Mod Foldered, Requires Kingdoms
Mod type: Total conversion, Medieval era
Important members: Hereje Polpolgio
Release Status: Under Development
Description: A total conversion of Medieval II featuring Spanish Reconquest


[edit] Description

Reconquista: Total War focuses on the Christian recapture of the Iberian peninsula and the attempt of the Islamic factions to foil their attempts. Another important location is the Maghreb in Northern Africa, where different Islamic factions, divided as the Christian ones in those days, are struggling for supremacy. The Maghreb also provides an area of retreat to the Muslim factions and offers them the possibility to gather new forces for a new invasion in Europe. This might be helpful in case the Islamic nations lose their fight for the Iberian Peninsula early in the game or when the player is forced to pull back his forces. The regions of Europe that border the Iberian Peninsula in the North, especially Southern France, work in the same way for Christian factions when they are in difficulties. Parts of Italy, especially Sicily and the islands of the western Mediterranean Sea, temporarily came under the Muslim’s rulership and are also of special political interest for the Sicilio-Normans, the Kingdom of Aragon and the Italian Republics. Further regions necessarily extending into the used map and an option to colonize America in the late game complete the map.

1035 was chosen as start date, as plenty of small and fragile Christian factions existed in Northern Spain at this date, offering the player a great diversity of factions. The same applies to the different Islamic factions, where several different candidates started a second attempt to establish themselves as the dominating powers. Therefore two big teams face each other in the core area of the campaign map, but their team spirit is fragile and occasionally the pope has to remind the Christian kingdoms to work together instead of fighting each other.

It was difficult to decide which provinces will belong neither to the one or to the other side, as there wasn’t that much land controlled by rebels in those days, even if it supports more balanced starting positions. But as this mod is based on a computer game and not on a historical simulation, decisions were made rather in favour of rebellious provinces. Many of the central and western regions of the Iberian Peninsula will be controlled by rebels, which can be explained with the decay of the Taifa-Kingdoms and the resulting anarchy. The same fits for the Maghreb, where rebellious provinces demonstrate the fact that many inhabitants were more closely connected to their local patriarch than to an emir living in a distant city at the coast. The situation aside the big battlegrounds is similar, although more compact. France and the Holy Roman Empire will have to defend their territorial claims against insubordinate counts and princes first. The Italian Republics have to secure their claimed trade posts. In the western Balkans, Hungary and Croatia prevent other factions from obtaining new territories in the east without conflict.

Another important question results from the different strategic potential of the factions. Scenarios, in whom distant conflicts dominate the map and exotic empires arise after as few as a hundred turns shouldn’t be excluded but limited to an acceptable frequency. So the campaign’s development will be supported to follow historically comprehensible trails. From experience, in the first few turns the military and financial potential is especially important. Each faction will get financial support to improve the chances of survival for the more important nations without eliminating the smaller ones. To support the campaign’s main theme, the balance between Islamic and Christian factions has to be preserved in the medium term. The most important ways to change a faction’s probability of success in a running campaign lie within the game’s mechanisms and the events. The effect of unit balance on the strategic campaign is often overestimated by players, as it mostly affects direct military confrontations on the battlefield.

Many factors influence a faction’s power, but they can only be verified during the development of the mod. This concept represents historical considerations, but there is a fair chance that some parts have to be corrected or adjusted. Until a certain degree of progress, it is possible that some factions may be left out while other, new factions get included.

[edit] Features

Campaign Map.
Campaign Map Preview
Strat Buildings Preview

[edit] Factions

Reconquista offers the M2TW player 20 Playable factions.


[edit] Campaign Script

Reconquista uses a very interesting campaign script that will make the game more fun and exciting to play. A few details about it are:

  • Languages

In Reconquista: Total War, we have added 9 available languages. Every strat city & castle will have the name in his local language in that moment. Every enclave changes between 2 and 5-6 possibilities of renaming.

  • El Cid Campeador

El Cid will appear on the campaign as general of the Kingdom of Castile. This character will have two paths to follow. The first one: an event will appear in which you'll be able to choose (being the human player) if El Cid continues as general or exile him pleading that he keeps the parias (tribute) in name of Castile. If he stays with Castile he will follow your orders until he rebels and appears as independent in Valencia, creating his own kingdom. But if you send him into exile, El Cid will go to the Taifa of Zaragoza with his men. In this case, if you were commanding this faction you would be able to accept his services, or say no, which will lead the character to the conquest of Valencia and the creation of a new state. If he is accepted in Zaragoza he will rebel as well, and disappear after some turns.

  • Religious & military orders

The Templars will appear as an option for all the Christian faction on the map. Accept their arrival to your kingdom is your choice. If you accept you'll be able to buil their headquarters. Only then you'll be able to recruit Templar units for quite a high price. After that you'll always have the option of sending them into exile by destroying their headquarters. The same will happen with the Knights Hospitaller. But with the Knights of Santiago it is different, only the faction owning Santiago will be able to recruit units from them. Each order will be available the historical day of its foundation.

  • Kingdom of Portugal

After the Treaty of Zamora, the Condado Portucalense (Portuguese County), becomes the Kingdom of Portugal in the year 1143.

  • Castilla & León

It can only be formed by the factions of Leon and Castile. Therefore both Castile and Leon must finish with Galicia and conquer certain regions of its opponent (Castile against Leon, Leon against Castile) in order to claim the throne from the other.

  • Crown of Aragón

It can only be formed by the factions of Barcelona or Urgel with the Kingdom of Aragon. First, one of the two counties will have to face the one another to gain control over all Catalunya. The stronger of both will have to conquer several territories and finally propose Aragon the dynastic union. In order to make this union the Catalan county and Aragon will have to be allies.

  • Crown of Aragón & Sicilia

After unifying Aragon with no. of the Catalan counties and event will appear offering the player the possibility to conquer or not Sicily. Depending on the election the faction will get new units coming from Italia, or not. The recruitment cost and the money we have at our disposal will be the factors making use decide. If the player accepts the Sicilian heraldry will also appear on the faction's shield and flags.

  • Catarismo and the French crusade

Being Toulouse a cathar faction it will get the opportunity of accepting the Pope's petition, of converting to Catholicism or not. If this is not accepted Toulouse will stay cathar for ever but will suffer from the an invasion of French crusaders, ready to eradicate the heresy. In the other side, being cathar will have its advantages, also quite interesting. If it accept being catholic it will be able to recruit priests, and France will appear later on coming from the North.

  • Almoravid & Almohade Invasion

The Almoravid invasion will happen on its historical year. To begin with, it will start conquering the Northeast of Africa and get to Gibraltar. When it gets there it will start conquering Taifa by Taifa, just like they did. In other words, if they conquered Sevilla on the year 1091, all the Taifa will stay under Almoravid control. If the human player controls one of the taifas, all will fall but his. Afterwards Almohads will do the same as the Almoravids, but in this case all the Almoravid domains will become part of the Almohad realm.

  • The Hundred Years War

Aquitaine is an independent duchy, but will have the option of becoming vassal and become part of the English domains. If it accepts, its heraldry and units will change. Afterwards, with France's arrival, the 1000 Years War will be declared and you'll enter the conflict against France. Aquitaine will receive new units from England to combat the French armies, and France will get troops from the North. If Aquitaine decides to continue independent, when the 100 Years Wars comes, a new event will appear asking you what side you'd like to aid. Whatever becomes your ally England will get territory on the Southwest of France.

  • Navas de Tolosa Battle

With the Almohads on the Peninsula, a great battle will be fought on the South. Every Christian kingdom will have the option of joining the event. If you decide to aid the Christians, you'll possibly get money, allies and experience. And if not (joining will take a lot of money) the campaign will continue as normal. If the player decides to go, an army will instantly appear near Navas de Tolosa. Just in front the almohad armies, which will be waiting. The end of the battle will make the Kingdom of Pamplona change or not its heraldy and name (for Kingdom of Navarre).

  • Western Schism

In a certain year the western schism will appear, with which every faction will be able to choose between the Pope of Rome or the Pope of Avignon (emergent faction on campaign).

  • Orthodox Conversion of Crown of Aragón

The Crown of Aragon got to Neopatria, in Greece, and therefore will have the possibility to bring special greek units to the Peninsula. But due to this the Orthodox cult will increase. If it reaches important the faction will be able of converting to the Orthodox Church. This is a good way of stopping revolts and making people happier if the level of Orthodox Christianity is very high.

  • The Nazarí Kingdom of Granada

If Granada is under Almohad control, in a certain turn, nazari troops will appear on the campaign, rebelling against the great empire and establishing the Nazari Kingdom of Granada. If the player is in command of the Taifa of Granada and doesn't hold Granada in that moment, the Nazari Kingdom appears, bit if the player does own that region, the kingdom won't appear.

  • Judaism conversion

Every Christian and Muslim faction will have the option (only at cities) of building Jewish buildings. These increase the income of the location, lets you recruit merchants and give happiness. But the Judaism cult increases as well Pero, and therefore if you use a lot these series of buildings, the Christian population's happiness can decrease, revolt and even rebel. You must choose really good when you build a Jewish building and choose a good governor who knows how to manage the place and its Jew population. If you want to avoid rebellions there are two options. The first one, expel the Jews (via script), which will cause some happiness decrease during some turns. Or second, converting to Judaism, without depending on your faction. But you'll have to be careful, as that could make relations with other factions worse and make you the objective of a papal crusade of Avignon, along with other Christian factions.

[edit] Key Features

  • Over 20 playable factions.
  • A completely new campaign map that shows the Spanish realistic landscape. There are some navigable rivers too.
  • Units from Kingdoms Grand Campaign mod reskinned, and some completely new units too.
  • A total of five religions.
Muslim Princesses
  • Several New buildings added.
  • An amazing campaign script that will assure the entertainment to the players. It will include the possibility to make unions, about 4 different invader factions, the possibility to change the name of a settlement conquering it to your faction's language, the appearance of military orders and more!

[edit] Addtional Features

  • A new set of portraits.
  • New Muslim princess for all Islamic factions.
  • Jewish buildings that will increase your settlement's income and other trade bonuses.
  • And Much more.

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Unit Previews


[edit] Campaign Map


[edit] Modding Crew

  • Modleader: Hereje 2d Art and Much more
  • PolpolgioCo-leader, codder, scripter, 3d modeller.
  • (HG)LordKoal & Aletheia for Music & Sounds.
  • KAOS Skinner.
  • Elnikez for Codding.

[edit] Credits

  • Aulo - 3D Monastery & Mosque model.
  • Termi - Logo & Intro Video.
  • Inoe & ElNikez - Historical information.
  • Monkwarrior - (CeltiberoRamiroI)3D Jaime I King Model..
  • Dave_scarface - Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod (KGCM)units.
  • Musculus Maximus - Muslim captains & priests.
  • Boicote - 1143.
  • B. Ward - Modder's Resources Template Packs.
  • Agart - New Cities Strat Models, v 1.0.
  • Charge - MapMod Trees, Textures, Sea v1.0.
  • Magus - Crimson Tide 4.2 (blood,sand,dirt,snow).
  • Swagger - Swagger's Sky Mod.
  • PedroLuis - Historical events.
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