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Radious Total War Mod
Platform: Total War: Shogun 2
Mod Type: Overhaul Series
Era: Standard Shogun era
Mod Leader: Radious
Release Status: Various (see individual mod versions)
Forum: Here

The Radious Total War Mods are a series of mods by Radious, each of which changes the gameplay of Total War: Shogun 2 in a different way. This is also its main difference from most other major mods, in that, whilst all of the mods are fully compatible with each other, they are not in a single pack, and must all be individually installed.


[edit] History

The Mods got a hosted mod forum and a full overhaul mod incorporating all of the smaller mods was released in June 2011, and shortly following that the first individual parts of the mod were released in April. Releases and updates have continued since then, with the most recent being on the 12th of October with the Experience, AI, Building and Upkeep mods. Since the arrival of the Rise of the Samurai DLC, many of the mod packs have been updated in order to be compatible with that.

[edit] Description

As Radious himself states, the point of these mods is to let the user choose how they wish to play the game, not have the overhaul mod choose it for you, as is usually the case. As such, each part of the mod deals with a slightly different area of the game, be it naval battles, unit upkeep, buildings or units. Each works standalone or with any combination of the others, allowing a huge degree of flexibility. Of course, if one wants all the features (with the sole exception of the Fixes and Features Mod), one can download the main overhaul mod package.

[edit] Features

  • Fixes and Features Mod
    • This includes a retexture of the battle interface new character portraits, removing bullet and arrow tracers and the dust kicked up by arrow impacts on the aesthetic front. It also removes the flags from soldiers backs. In gameplay terms it also removes any weather variation, increases the amount of prestige required for the Realm Divided event. A major trait of this part of the mod is that it can improve the framerate, though exactly how much depends on the computer.
  • Unit Pack Mod
    • This adds a significant number of new units to the game, and is intended for use only with the other parts of the mod because it is balanced differently from the vanilla game. It is also meant for use in the Rise of the Samurai campaign, but the units can be used by other clans in custom battles.
  • Buildings Mod
    • This mod changes the cost of buildings, makes the unique ones universally buildable, and decreases build time. It also increased the cost of castles (but made an extra building slot appear sooner) and upgraded encampment buildings.
  • Experience Mod
    • This mod reduces the amount of experience required to gain each experience chevron, and increases the bonuses each chevron provides. It also reduces the age at which characters become adults and increases the chance of them having children. The experience and skills of generals and agents have also been amended.
  • AI Mod
    • This mod changes the AI of the game in several ways-it reduced the amount of archers that the AI recruits, and increases the amount of other units recruited. It also balances the autoresolve properly and improves the AI Logic both AI building and spending. The clans have been edited to be more different from each other and their recruitment preferences have been enhanced.
  • Stats Mod
    • This mod rebalanced most of the units in the game-changing charge bonuses, morale, defence values etc. It also varies the stats of units belonging to each clan, increasing the variety there. Generals are now more powerful as well, and battles last longer.
  • Food and Slots Mod
    • This mod reduces the food requirements for castles and markets to be built, and gives level 2+ castles an extra recruitment slot. Farms now give more food as well, and taxes have less impact on growth. The income bonuses of various buildings are also increased by around 15-20%. Th replenishment value of roads is increased, which reduces the time troops need to spend recuperating after a battle.
  • Limit and Upkeep Mod
    • This mod removes the unit limit from all elite units and reduces the upkeep of all units by 40-60%. It also changes the recruitment time to 1 turn for all. The requirements for the units have also been changed, and it is easier to recruit clan's unique units.
  • Diplomacy Mod
    • This mod adds several units to some of the factions, and also changes the diplomatic effects of declaring war, trade, state gifts etc in order to improve the diplomatic AI.
  • Technology Mod
    • This mod rebalances some of the techs and reduces overall research time. There are 4 different versions, each with a different effect.
  • Units Mod
    • This mod unlocks a number of vanilla units for all factions for use in the campaign, adds abilities to them and changes their recruitment levels. It also adds some new units, much like the Unit Pack Mod as well as custom unit screens.
  • Garrison Mod
    • This mod rebalances Yari and Bow garrison units, and also adds Naginata Warrior Monks to most garrison forces. This has the effect of improving the surviveability of the factions in the campaign.
  • Recolour Mod
    • This mod recolours the factions and gives them updated banners etc. It is not intended to be historical, but it makes the differences between each clan more clear.
  • Naval Mod
    • This mod is toted as the "biggest overhaul Naval mod for Shogun 2" and gives all ships a 50% morale boost. It also improves the awards experience chevrons give, making more of a difference between veteran and novice crews. It recolours the ships firing arc to make it more visible, and ships have larger crews and are less likely to burn. General AI naval behaviour has also been improved.

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