Pirates (ETW Faction)

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Pirates (ETW Faction)
Pirate flag.png
Name: Pirates
From Game: Empire: Total War
Religion: Protestant.pngProtestant
Culture: Caribean

[edit] Overview

The history of piracy is almost as long as the history of ships themselves, but Empire: Total War depicts the pirates as operating in the Caribbean. Piracy in the Americas were problematic for all who visited its waters, and would continue to do so even into the 20th century, although the problem became more minor as the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy began to hunt pirates.

[edit] Overview

The Pirates are seafarers, and are a faction in ETW. They operate mainly in the Carribean, although their ships often reach many theatres including all trade theatres, and sometimes India and Europe. They are unplayable without modding. An interesting faction, pirates can train only one land unit type, Buccaneers (swordsman), with a total limit of six. Generals are available to this faction as with all the other factions.

Pirates are at war with everybody, and generally hated for their disruption of trade routes. They possess a formidable fleet at the beginning of the game, too strong for any nation to take on initially without investing serious capital into a navy. However, pirate ships can make valuable prizes--especially their galleons and fluyts.

Pirates hold some islands in the Carribean, such as Trinidad/Tobago, and Curacao, and since they are hostile with everyone, they are easy pickings for a determined military force that does not wish to make any more enemies themselves. The islands are, however, usually very poor and resource deficient, meaning they should not be a priority target if a nation is hungering for a larger and more lucrative territory in the Carribean.

Pirates are the only minor nation in Empire: Total War to have unique units: Race-built Galleons. These ships are similar to brigs in terms of firepower. Pirates are also the only faction that have access to both galleons and fluyts.

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