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PotW 104 Winner - submitted by Worm

For Rome!


[edit] About the PotW

The "Picture of the Week" is a weekly competition run on the Total War Center forums. Members are encouraged to upload and share images captured from any Total War game, though most commonly they will be from the latest game in the series - which at present is Medieval 2: Total War. Entrants to the competition are voted on every week, with whoever gains the most votes being declared the winner.

An additional contest, the Unedited Screenshot of the Week (UESW) is run cuncurrently with the PotW. However, this contest is for unedited screenshots only.

The forum is also used for members to create their own galleries for general images which may not end up entered into the weekly contests. Constructive criticism and comments are encouraged as many use the forum as a venue to hone their image editing skills.

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