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The Phalera Award
Phalera large.png
Awarded by: The Curia
Type: Large Medal

[edit] Information

Phalera is a large medal awarded by the Curia. To qualify for a Phalera award, the nominee must have made exceptional input or otherwise made significant contributions to non-TW sections of the boards. A member of any Rank is eligible to receive an Phalera award, but must also meet the criteria to become a Citizen. His nomination must also be seconded by an elected member of the Consilium de Civitate.

Any Citizen can nominate a candidate in the Prothalamos subforum but the nomination must be supported by at least three other Citizens, including one Consilium de Civitate councilor. After the nomination has gained enough support and once three days have passed, it will be moved to vote.

Qualifying nominees shall have their nomination posted in the Prothalamos and will be moved to vote as per the procedure in Section II, Article III. Once moved to they shall be voted upon for a period of one week and require a two-third majority of non-abstaining votes to achieve the award. If the nominee was not already a Citizen, this Rank shall also be conferred upon them if they pass. A nominee who fails to pass his vote is not eligible to re-nominated until three months have passed.

The Phalera award may only be removed by a Decision of the Curia or by the request of the rank holder.

[edit] Current Holders

Members Received On
Bovril May 11, 2009
conon394 November 15, 2008 April 12, 2010
FliegerAD June 23, 2010
Freddie December 27, 2009
LoZz October 01, 2009
MĂ­mirswell November 15, 2008
Oldgamer November 15, 2008
Phoebus November 15, 2008
rez November 15, 2008
Spartan JKM November 15, 2008
ThiudareiksGunthigg November 15, 2008
Tostig November 15, 2008
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