Open-pit Coal Face (FOTS)

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Open-pit Coal Face (FOTS)
File:Open-pit Coal Face FOTS.png
Coal Mining Type
Spawned Defence Forces
Basic Building Statistics
  • Cost: 850
  • +20 tonnes of Coal
  • -5% to the cost of all ships in this province
  • +200 to wealth generated by mines in this province
  • +1 per turn to town growth from trade within this province
Clan Effects

[edit] Description

Skies are darkened as tomorrow takes root.

The province has coal deposits which can be exploited in place of charcoal for industry. With proper investment, coal can be produced on a large scale. It is the only practical power source for the modern, industrial world and, in particular, steam trains.

Easy access to "King Coal" was what began the Industrial Revolution in England at the appropriately named Coalbrookdale. By 1853, coal was the root of industrial wealth in the West. With coal to burn, steam-powered machinery was practical and profitable, and iron could be smelted in great quantities. To get the same industrial results with charcoal would have stripped forests bare across the world!

[edit] More Information

Coal is a very valuable commodity as it not only allows you to build ships at a cheaper price, it also generates money as the western powers will be buying coal from those who are finding and selling it. Therefore, more coal equals more money.

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