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The Novus Award
Novus large.png
Awarded by: The Curia
Type: Large Medal

[edit] Information

Novus is a large medal awarded by the Curia it is one of the most prestigious award. Nominees has to be a staff member & must have made exceptional contributions towards TWC itself. Members of any rank may receive this award but they must also fulfill the criteria to become a Citizen.

Any Citizen can nominate a candidate in the Prothalamos subforum but the nomination must be supported by at least three other Citizens, including one Consilium de Civitate councilor. After the nomination has gained enough support and once three days have passed, it will be moved to vote. Candidates require a two-thirds majority to pass. If they pass the vote, they will receive the medal and will also become Citizen if they aren't already.

However, if they fail to gain a two-thirds majority, they will have to wait six months before they can be nominated again.

[edit] Current Holders

Members Received On
Astaroth February 17, 2010
Augustus Lucifer November 23, 2010
Belisarius July 03, 2010
GrnEyedDvl July 21, 2010
Hesus de bodemloze September 14, 2010
jimkatalanos June 18, 2009
Justinian July 03, 2009
Legio June 24, 2010
Obi Wan Asterix June 19, 2009
Pontifex Maximus June 26, 2010
Scorch June 22, 2009
Seleukos November 11, 2009
Simetrical April 20, 2010
Tom Paine June 22, 2009
Viking Prince October 27, 2010
Leonidas the Lion August 20, 2012
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