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[edit] Overview

The Moderators of the Total War Center can be identified as those wearing the following badge:

They form the body which performs the vast majority of day-to-day front-line moderation. The Moderators also have a large input into general forum policy and initiatives, although the final decisions will usually rest with the Senior Staff of the Hexagon Council. Moderators are appointed to their position following a general vote by all Moderators and Administrators. In early 2010, the distinction between Junior and Global Moderators was removed. In mid 2010, the distinction between Senior Moderators and Junior Moderators was removed, this was combined into the Moderation staff and their name was recoloured blue.

[edit] Overview

Moderation Mentors have been around since 2006, any good experienced moderator becomes a mentor for a new moderator. This process was made even more prominent in Mid 2010 when the Senior Moderator group was removed and their last members made official 'Moderation Mentors'. These members of staff are responsible for appointing new Moderation Mentors and they also liase with Hex and again mentor new and junior moderators.

[edit] Present Membership

A list of all the current moderators can be found on the forum leaders page here.

[edit] Moderator's Mace

Moderators are now rewarded for extended periods of service to staff with the Moderator's Mace. Those that have served for a period of three months or more become eligible for a Bronze Mace, those that serve for a period of six months or more become eligible for a Silver Mace, and those that have served for a period of time in excess of a year become eligible for the Gold Mace. There are other awards for longer periods of service. A suitable level of activity is also required, the maces are not given simply for time served. However maces may be awarded to moderators sooner than the aforementioned time thresholds, at the discretion of the Administration, as rewards for outstanding performance.

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