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The Modding Vault is a forum on Total War Center where backups of mods hosted on the site are kept, in case download links to that mod are lost, or the team become inactive or have no copies of their own.


[edit] History

The idea was initially put forward to the Curia by Nicholas Rush, on May 5th 2011. The original proposal thread can be found here. It was passed unanimously, with only two abstaining votes.

The Vault in its current format was set up in September of that year, with the server being set up by the following March. Vault activities continued for about a year after that until work was temporarily put on hold due to site instability. The Vault was reopened for use in August 2014.

[edit] What they do

  • Mods over 100mb (for anything under this please use the TWCenter file hosting.)
  • Resources over 100mb (again, anything under please use TWCenter)
  • Tools (no minimum size)

[edit] What they do not do

  • Download and upload mods because people are too lazy to use mirrors. Please do not abuse the function, search for mirrors first. In the event there are no working mirrors, we are more than happy to download mods for you.
  • Archive personal files, and developer builds of mods. Please use personal hosting sites for personal files, and if you would like your mod uploaded, please be sure it's a public version.

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