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Currently to find the relevant modding section for your game on the wiki please refer to the Modding Category or the links in the Tutorials by Platform box to the right.

The links below generally refer to RTW and M2TW - the Modding Portal will be revised soon.

[edit] Learning How to Mod

Modding can be broken down into a number of different disciplines. If you are interested in learning a discipline, just click on the link to take you to the appropriate section. There will be a number of tutorials from beginner to advanced, generally in increasing complexity, covering a wide range of topics.

Art includes 3D models, textures, and animation. It is what makes the graphics of the game. Artists require a knowledge of a variety of tools, especially Photoshop and 3dsmax. Tutorials in this section will teach you how to model, reskin, texture from scratch, and even animate, as well as discuss various issues related to game and Total War art in general.
Coding is the most expansive of the disciplines, including units, buildings, campaign, resources, traits and ancillaries, etc; basically what makes the game other than the visuals. It is vital to any mod, and any modder will inevitably need to know at least a bit of coding, and talented coders form the heart of any major mod team.
Mapping involves the art and coding behind creating new campaign maps, from start to finish, and is an integral part of any major mod.
Scripting is the "designing" of events on the campaign map, but more commonly for historical battles.
This involves everything that has to do with sounds; from the background music to the Unit Select-voiceovers to the special effects.
Tutorial List
You can find out how to do quick common tasks, such as creating unit cards, mounting a unit, changing faction ownerships, etc., a very large number of small independent tasks.

[edit] List of tutorials

The Modding:Tutorial list is a collection of Total War tutorials with minimal redundancy. Before you ask a question, you should look here first.

[edit] Text and Map files

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