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Welcome to Medieval II Total War on the TWC Wiki

Medieval 2: Total War

Medieval II: Total War is a game in the Total War Series. It is developed by The Creative Assembly.

Medieval 2, like previous Total War games, brings together elements of real time strategy and turn based game play.

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Expansion Pack

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms
Expansion Pack for M2TW containing 4 different Campaigns


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Europa Barbarorum II


Seven years of patience and hard work have paid off, because Europa Barbarorum II has been released. Compared to its critically acclaimed Rome: Total War counterpart, Europa Barbarorum II has eight new factions, completely redone graphics in almost all areas, units that have the graphics variety Europa Barbarorum lacked, and more to blend Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms’ engine to Rome: Total War and Europa Barbarorum. Find more and download at the E.B. II forum here.

Broken Crescent Version 1.05

Broken Crescent

A modification for Medieval II - Total War Which is primarily designed at representing the warfare and culture of the Middle East and a little of south-western Asia and north-eastern Africa (From Anatolia to India!)

The mod aims to show these cultures and factions, it improves battle and campaign performance, adds a whole new map, 17 new or totally revised factions(Such as the Great Seljuks and the Ghorid Emirate and the Eastern Roman Empire), 300 new units, More buildings(such as the silkroad), new traits and ancillaries , and new events(Like the Kypchak horde!)!

It has a host of new features and currently runs on vanilla M2TW. However kingdoms is planned for version 2.00

It is an Awe-inspiring total conversion professionally done!

For more information:

  • visit the hosted sub-forum here
  • see release and download thread here

Recent Mod Releases/Updates

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Other Mods:

Medieval 2 - Modding Information

After some initial hold-ups unpacking and working on certain new file types M2TW proved to be one of the most easily modded Total War titles

Modding News:

A New Frontier in M2TW modding now seems possible.
CA have given permission for mods which change values in memory as the game loads. This potentially allows values and behaviours previously hard-coded in the .exe to be changed. Zarathos is leading a team of programmers investigating the possibilities.

Getting into those troublesome files:

allows battle map unit models to be edited in MilkShape 3D
converts the .texture files used for unit skins etc. to .dds files - also converts .dds back to .texture format.
allows the files in .strings.bin format to be converted to normal text files for editing
associated tutorial.
  • IWTE by wilddog, for battle-map settlements, buildings, vegetation and geography, and static strat map models.

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