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Content Staff
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Leaders: Flinn


Other Senior People: 'Gunny






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The Total War Center's Content Staff is responsible for writing articles and producing valuable content for the site in general. It is divided into several branches, each of which is presided by a Content Director.


[edit] General Information

  • Flinn and m_1512 are the current Directors of Content (Also known as Content Hex, since they are Administrators in the forums). The Directors of Content oversee the Content Directors who in turn organize their respective branches of Content. In order to join Content Staff, a member should send a private message to either a Content Hex or to one of the respective Content Directors.
  • Although different branches of Content Staff have different badges, all of them can be recognized by their blue names and same badge font color.
  • Service in Content Staff is rewarded with Scribe's Quills awards. After three to six months of service, a Content Staff Officer will gain a bronze Scribe's Quill. After seven to twelve months, a silver quill is awarded. Once a Content Staff Officer's time of service exceeds a year, a gold quill will be given to him. Late 2010 three additional awards were created for further service; services for a period of one year and six months to one year and eleven months earns an emerald quill, two years to two years and eleven months for a ruby quill, and lastly an amethyst quill is awarded for those who have served for periods greater then three years.

Quillbigbronze.pngQuillbigsilver.pngQuillbiggold.png Quillbigemerald.png Quillbigruby.png Quillbigamethyst.png

The six different Scribe's Quills.

[edit] Content Director

The bosses of the Content Staff's respective branches. They supervise the Content Staff (Writers and Wiki Staff), Librarians and Content Artists. A list of all Content Directors can be found here.

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[edit] Content Staff

Content Staff (Content Writers) are members who write articles for the Site Publications or regularly contribute to the TWC Wiki. Alternatively, they can also be guide writers for the Creative Assembly's games. On the 24th of May 2009, the Critic's Quill, a group of members devoted to reviewing AAR's merged with the Eagle Standard. All members joined the Content Staff.

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[edit] Librarians

Librarians decide on the content of the Scriptorium and are the general custodians of the archives of TWC. As such, they are constantly looking around the forums in search of good articles, worthy of submission to The Scriptorium. They also regularly discuss the functioning of the Library, its structure, policy, and potential improvements. In addition, librarians administer the Scriptorium Writing Competitions. They are led by the Chief Librarian.

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[edit] Content Art Staff

The Art Staff organizes the site's Graphics Workshop including graphical competitions. On top of that, the Art Staff Officers are also responsible for creating official medals, logos, badges and symbols for TWC.

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