Junin Ryogae (FOTS)

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Junin Ryogae (FOTS)
File:Junin Ryogae FOTS.png
Business Type
Spawned Defence Forces
Basic Building Statistics
  • Cost: 13500
  • +2250 to wealth generated by trade in this province
  • +8 per turn to town growth from trade within this province
  • +2 to happiness in this province
  • -2 to happiness from modernisation
  • Enables recruitment of Rank 1 geisha
  • Limit: 1
Clan Effects
+4 to modernisation (clan development)

[edit] Description

Money eases all problems.

The Junin Ryogae improves commerce for the owning faction by managing the availability of money in the economy. The building improves happiness in a province, and also improves the quality of geishas recruited there. After all, bankers must have their small pleasures.

Compared to medieval merchants, all modern industries and businesses make extensive use of banking services. In the rapidly modernising Japan of the Meiji period, the city of Osaka became a centre for banking, with much of the work of a central bank being done by the "Junin Ryogae", the Ten Exchange Houses. Although these were not modern bankers, they did lend money to other banks, the governments of individual domains, and manage the markets of gold-back cash and silver-backed bank-issue money. In effect, they controlled the exchange and interest rates for Japan.

[edit] Other Information

The Junin Ryogae provides a massive boost to provincial wealth which in turn leads to a larger sum of taxable income. However, very careful consideration is needed on where this building should be placed as you can only have one Junin Ryogae.

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