Isandlwana - The Thin Red Line

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Isandlwana - The Thin Red Line
Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms
Mod Type
Custom Battle
Victorian (South Africa, 1879)
Mod Leader
Release Status
Released/Under Development

Isandlwana - The Thin Red Line, is a modification for Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms. It is a Battle Map only mod which gives the player the opportunity to replay the famous Battle of Isandlwana from either the British or Zulu perspective.


[edit] History

The first version of the mod was released on January 3rd, 2012 and the current version is 0.2. Further development and debugging is an objective but momentarily pending.

  • ver 0.1
  • ver 0.2
    • Some unit descriptions fixed / added
    • Music files replaced / added
    • One semi-historical unit added
    • Unnecessary files removed
    • Battle editor ('back to menue')-error fixed

[edit] Features

[edit] Factions & Units

This mod features many historically authentic units of the same type.

  • British Empire (including Colonial Troops & Auxiliaries)
    • Col. Pulleine and Bodyguard, (1/24th Foot)
    • Col. Durnford (R.E.) with NNMC Troop
    • Lt. Francis Porteous' A Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Capt. Reginald Younghusband's C Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Lt. Charles Cavaye's E Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Capt William Mostyn's F Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Capt. George Wardell's H Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Lt. Charlie Pope's G Company, (2/24th Foot)
    • Lt. Curling's Division, ('N'/5th R.A.)
    • Maj. Russel's 9 Pdr. Rocket Battery, (11/7th R.A.)
    • Imperial Mounted Infantry Squadron No.1 (Detail)*
    • Natal Mounted Police (Detail)*
    • Buffalo Border Guard (QM MacPhail's Detail)*
    • Natal Carbineers (Lt. Scott's Detail)*
    • Capt. Bradstreet's Newcastle Mounted Rifles (Detail)*
    • Capt. Krohn's Coy No. 6 (1/3rd, Natal Native Contingent)
    • Capt. Stafford's E Coy (1/1st, Natal Native Contingent)
    • Zulu Coy (2/3rd, Natal Native Contingent)
    • Lt. Raw's Zikhali Horse Troop No. 1 (Natal Native Mounted Contingent)*
    • Lt. Robert's Zikhali Horse Troop No. 2 (Natal Native Mounted Contingent)*
    • Lt. Vause' Zikhali Horse Troop No. 3 (Natal Native Mounted Contingent)*

Units marked with * at the end are available in mounted and dismounted variant

  • Zulu Kingdom
    • inGobamakhosi ibutho warriors
    • uMbonambi ibutho veterans
    • uVe ibutho warriors
    • umKhulushane ibutho veterans
    • isAngqu ibutho veterans
    • umCijo ibutho elite warriors
    • umHlanga ibutho warriors
    • uDududu ibutho warriors
    • uNokhenke ibutho elite warriors
    • uThulwana Mounted Scouts
    • uDloko ibutho warriors
    • inDluyengwe ibutho veterans
    • iNdlondlo ibutho warriors
    • Iziduna Ntshingwayo kaMahole Khoza with elite bodyguard
    • Iziduna Dabulamanzi kaMpande with elite bodyguard

[edit] Changes

  • New menus
  • Authentic unit sizes and names
  • New unit cards
  • New unit info cards
  • New loading screens
  • New quotes
  • Authentic unit stats
  • Historically correct unit descriptions
  • New music
  • New models
  • Completely new textures
  • New faction banners
  • New loading animation for dismounted riflemen

[edit] The Team

[edit] Visual Material

Screenshot, click to enlarge

[edit] External Links

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